Dragonball Z Space

By Ace-_Ventura
Date: 09-19-2003




Jediknight II Modification

Title : Dragonball Z Space
Author : Ace-_Ventura
E-Mail : Ricardo-Cardoso@netcabo.pt
Website : n/a

File Name : Dbzspace
File Size : 1.9 mb
Date Released : 8/28/03

Description: This is my first map (don't tell me "don't do more maps this one sucks" please :) ) so has you can see it have 1 or 2 bugs(but doesn't affect gameplay) and really looks like an square.Of course i hope this will never happen again. Now about the map: It's the Cell games Arena BUT in Space. If you touch on the walls or come out from the arena you die, just like on Dragonball Z tournament. Sorry no bot support(to lazy for read al that stuff :P)

Graphics: I have played with many people on this map and the worst was 40-60 fps with a GF2.

Music: I have put one Dragonball Z fight music(from freeza Saga).

New Sounds: No
New Objects: No
New Textures: Yes
New Shaders: No
New Gfx : No
New Music: Yes
Botroute: No

Supported Gametypes: Duel,FFA

Install: Extract the Dbzspace.pk3 to Gamedata\base of your Jk2 directory.

Thanks to:
-xlz.Kaynehril,The guy who teach me some stuff of Mapping and helped me when i need it.
[JA]Goa/white by giving me pictures from cell games arena.
Lucas Arts By Making this game :) .