Canyon Oasis 2.0

By Joseph Del Rio
Date: 08-15-2003




Map Name : Canyon Oasis 2.0
Author : Joseph Del Rio
Email Address :
Custom textures : no
Custom sounds (from jk1) : yes

Bot Support: Yes
Types: Duel,ffa,tffa


there is one bug in this map(that ive seen). on the corner ramp u can slide right up it on the ceiling of it if u hold jump. (simialr to the bug in the duel_pit defualt jk2 map). also the switch tends to disapear a minor error.

BOT Smartness:

The bot routing in this map is very well done. each bot can pick up most of the weapons and get out of the pool if u fall in (most of the time).Beware when u fight and not get sneak attacks. also they can shut/turn on the lightning trap (rarly but can).

Description :

This is a remake of the canyon oasis map from Jedi knight 1. i tried to make it match the map from jk1 to 2 perfeclty even though i used jk2 textures that were simiarl to jk1. however i removed one thing from the map, the lower water level in the pool has not been put there- due to errors in the map when i tried. But evything is basicly the same so enjoy having fun in one of the most fun levels from the clasic series of jedi knight.

side note: when turning on the lightning trap and u look down dont worry if u dont see the beams just jump off the bridge,then they apear. also who ever turns it on and someone dies u get the kill point in ffa and tffa :).


the map is more fun with at least 8 bots on and weapons enabled.


Beta tester:

Cory petit