By Master Animation
Date: 05-30-2003





This Map was made for the clan Master

Title : Junction001

Map by : Master Animation

Design by : Master Darkstar

Textures and music by : Master Berserk

File Name : Junction001.pk3

File Size : 1.52 MB

Date Released : 5-24-03

Clan Site : http://www.clanmaster.org

League Site : http://www.bladeworks.net

Description : An alien ship floating in space above the planet Venus. Lighting and textures inspired by the Borg). This map uses light effects to create shadows and
bright spots. Some players with misconfigured monitors may have trouble seeing well in this map. To resolve this issue
turn monitor contrast up to 90-100% of max. Then while looking at a solid black object (in windows not jk2) turn up monitor brightness until the black begins to turn grey/white. Now slowly turn brightness down until the grey/white is no longer
visable. This is the correct configuration to allow you the full dynamic lighting (shadows and bright colors) that your computer is capable of.

New Textures : Yes

New Objects : Yes

Bot Support: YES

Installation Instructions - Simply extract the pk3 file from the zip into your
GameData/Base folder