Aeon Vortex

By RII[R][X]
Date: 02-17-2003




Aeon_Vortex : by RII[R][X] (

Install Info:

Drop the included PK3 file into the GameData/BASE
folder of your Jedi Knight II installation.



Map is DUEL ONLY, and has NO BOT SUPPORT (didn't seem necessary).

Default gravity for this map is 700. (normal is 800).
Gravity is 700 for falling/rolling reasons, just to save your-
self from a fall... the gravity otherwise DOES NOT interfere
with normal gameplay.

Upper Platform glass 'wings' have an hp of 250, and ARE breakable.
The glass in it DOES NOT ENTIRELY BREAK. It cracks, and certain
pieces fall when damaged...neat.

EVERY OTHER cable that hoists the upper platform is breakable,
with hp's of 10...nifty.


Basik Info:

This is a great map for dueling... spacious, moody, and EYECANDY.
Two facing vortexes sandwich the dueling platform... a sleek
and roomy area to fight.. a catwalk style upper platform/light
array hangs above the main platform, and is accessible from
lift vents on the support structure. Be careful not to fall
from the main platform, because you'll be SUCKED INTO THE
VORTEX, and meet your doom. The surrounding scenery of the
main platform is dark, but the platform itself is EXTREMELY
well lit..
The map is kinda a hybrid of 3 maps I really enjoy, with an
innovative twist.. the pitfalls of Duel_Bespin (NO WHERE NEAR
as easy to fall, but possible), a catwalk similar to Duel_Bay
(but way cooler), and the spaciousness of Matrix_Dojo, which
MOST OF US in the JK community think is one of the greatest
independent maps of all time.
If nothing else, you'll think this map is beautiful.


THIS IS NOT A CLAN EXCLUSIVE MAP... so feel free to host it on
YOUR server(s) if you wish.



Level designer of the R][X_Trials_Arena (FFA) - my first map..

Other maps coming soon from me are :
StoneHenge : Revisited (almost complete, VERY COOL)
Matrix : Construct (includes EVERY KOOL SCENE from the movie)
Ethereal City (a beautiful surrealistic environment, almost

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May you live to see the coming of the storm....