mcbeachv72 (72)

By mcmonkey
Date: 12-08-2011
Version: 72




Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast

TITLE: mcbeachv72
AUTHOR: mcmonkey
xfire: mcmonkey4eva
JK2 in-game name: [HACKS]-MCMONKEY ( but it's colored.. )
Server to try this map at: ..[HACKS]-CUSTOMSERVER (Also colored)

awing - Created by Gregory A. Birmingham (Manquesa) (readme included)
naboo starfighter - Zymotico (readme included)
snowspeeder - Jason "VIO", and Greg "Manquesa" (readme included)
tie bomber - I copied it from JKA
ATAT - David Rivera (Agent007) (readme included)
Fish - google + mcmonkey edited it for use in jk2
everything else - mcmonkey

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Copy/paste mcbeachv72.pk3 into your Lucasarts/Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast/Gamedata/base folder. (most likely in C:/Program Files)

v72 DESCRIPTION/update notes:
- Those trees everyone hates are gone, replaced by default yavin trees. (That lag a lot.)
- New secrets!
- Cameras removed (they were causing a lot of the lag)
- Hidden bar room has hidden glass instead of a camera
- water is a bit glitchy
- lightsaber is slightly more effective
- removed the random extra beach balls
- a few other minor changes
- Wow, I need to proofread my readmes..

v51 DESCRIPTION: A massive map of a beach.
- you spawn near shoreline
- there are 25 towels designed in GIMP by me.. except 1 of them was made in MS paint by zilyana..
- welcomer droids will greet/annoy you if you get too close to them
- massive water area to swim in
- a small pier to go fishing, or to suddenly explode if someone who doesn't like you is in the admin room..
- canoe will take you to the oil rig
- oil rig doesn't have much but an area to run around in and a sniper tower
- back on land, there is an area with large trees and volleyball nets
- near area described above is an old imperial base. Have fun with those destructive vehicles I placed there..
- imperial base also features an imperial prison
- imperial base also has a sniper tower
- imperial base has - 8 atsts, 2 tie fighters, 2 lambda shuttles, 1 cloud car, 2 tie bombers, and an ATAT! Some of these vehicles have working weapons...
- oh, did I mention there are beer bottles randomly placed around the map?
- also, back on the shoreline there are 2 buildings..
- the first, larger building is mchotel
- mchotel is.. ... well.. it's a hotel...
- the other building is mcbar
- mcbar is.. um.. a bar... with a secret back room. Can ya find it?
- also back on the shore, you may see a towel that's shaped differently, and says 'jedi roger' on it with a jedi/pirate design..
- on towel described above, press E ( or whatever use key ) to be launched to the JEDI ROGER ( a jedi/pirate ship! )
- jedi roger features - captains quarters, pirate maps, giant flags, 8 working cannons, and a lot of lando toys
- OH, did I mention the entire map is sorrounded by a giant race track?
- ALSO there is a lot of secret areas...
- Secret areas go from simple things like hidden back rooms, top secret launch pads, working and deadly giant lightsabers, secret underground sith worship area thing
to more complex, large things, like an entire underground rebel base...
and many other secrets..
- oh also about secrets - there are 3 ways to find them all..
-- way 1 - just explore, and you might find it eventually
-- way 2 - press E in random areas. Seriously, the use key does a lot in this map..
-- way 3 - be lazy and ask me or someone you know to tell you where they are...
- I can't really count the secrets.. some of them are secrets within secrets...
- also, some things aren't secrets, but are just hard to spot, or just kinda interesting...

BUGS: I had a huge team of beta testers run around my map, so there are probably no bugs.. but if you find any, tell me! ( see contact info at the top.. )
-- Scratch that: I no longer have the source files for this map. Whoops. So any bugs you find are there to stay.

-- ... Yeah v72 is from July (about 4 months ago). I forgot to upload it. Whoops again. I've been distracted by twifire and TPM (

Legal thing: