vJA Kill Tracker (1.0)

By Vouksh
Date: 08-26-2006
Version: 1.0



* Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy *
Title:vJA Kill Tracker
Creator: Vouksh
E-Mail: vouksh@vouksh.com
Version: 1.0
Website: http://www.vjakilltracker.uni.cc/
Games Supported: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Filename: vJAKTInstaller.zip
Filesize: 180KB
Date Release: 8-21-2006
Requires: At least .NET 2.0. Available at
* Credits *
* JAM: For giving me a reason to make this. If it wasn't for his *
* bugs in his KT, I wouldn't have had a reason to even try. *
* *
* MauDae: Releasing his JK2 source code for me to spring off from. *
* Everyone who helped me beta test this. Drew, l33ad, TheRock, *
* Tiapan, VirusVoid. You know who you are. =) *

* Installation *
* Open the zip file and run the setup. The icon is placed on your *
* desktop. Simply double-click it, and change your preferences =) *

* Using the actual kill tracker: *
* To change your default colors and your messages, click the options*
* button. To manage the built-in media player, set the player option*
* in the options window and click the "MP3 Player" button in the *
* main kill tracker window. *

* Note about signing in: *
* You no longer need to manually sign-in. When you open the game, *
* the kill tracker sends the fs_game command to find out which *
* folder to look in for your configuration file, and gets your name *
* from that¬. It may seem as if it's spamming it, but it sends it *
* multiple times to get around a few timing issues with the kill *
* tracker not reading it right away.

* Using the media player: *
* After opening the kill tracker, make sure you have the built-in *
* button checked in the options, and click the 'MP3 Player' button *
* in the main window. To add songs, either click the 'Add File(s)' *
* button and browse to them in the dialog box that comes up, or *
* browse to them in your explorer and drag and drop the songs you *
* want into your playlist. See the commands below to find out how *
* to control the media player from in the game. *

* How to setup online stat tracking:µ *
* If you would like to setup your own stat tracking service, please *
* be informed that is can, and will, take alot out of the connection*
* and physical machine that it is running on. *
* *
* Now, onto the actual setup =) *
* Please make sure you have downloaded the server files for the *
* operating sytem your are wishing to run the server on. *
* The Linux server requires a MySQL server, the Windows server *
* requires SQL Server 2005, and the web version requires any server *
* with some kind of web server that supports PHP, with at least PHP4*
* and MySQL. *
* The only that you are required to do with the software servers is *
* start the server and make sure your SQL login settings are correct*
* and that the database is created. *
* For the PHP scripts, simply edit the config.php file with your *
* MySQL login and database name, and make the database *

!hide or !mini: Minimize JA.
!stats: Print out your stats for everyone to see.
!kills: Print out your kills and the kill-to-death ratio
!deaths: Print out your deaths and the kill-to-death ratio
!duels: Print out your duel stats (duels won, lost, total, and
ratio [wins-to-losses])
!switchplayer: Switch between the built-in media player and
WinAmp control
!play or !play <partial song name>: Plays the currently
selected song, OR (only if using built-in player) play the
first song that contains the text specified.
!next: Play the next song.
!prev: Play the previous song.
!repeat: Turn on/off repeat (only if using built-in player)
!random: Turn on/off random song playing (only if using
built-in player)
!stop: Stop the music.
!savestats: Force the saving of your statistics (does this
automatically every minute and a half)
!silent: Turns on/off printing of death, kill, and duel messages
!power: Turns on/off the stat-tracking
!time: Displays the current time.
!cursong: Displays the currently playing song.
!playlist or !listsongs: Prints all the songs currently in
your playlist (Only for built-in player)

¬The ONLY thing that is scanned is your name. The kill tracker
does NOT look for passwords or logins. I'm a programmer, not a

µThe server software is currently under production, and are not
available at this time. If you wish to run a server in the
future, post on the official website, and we'll add you to a
mailing list.