Power of light

By Jawa
Date: 04-10-2008



Power of light Readme

This is a very basic script that can be used on any Makermod server, provided the sv_floodprotect is off

this is my first submittet...anything, and i hope to make a new version soon with more powers.

Installation: simply install in you gamedata/base folder ( you will have to take them out of the folder otherwise it wont work )

Ingame: type /exec poweroflight.cfg to start the script!

Bugs: i dont think that when u tell it to tell you what the powers do, i dont think it tells you everything, this will be corrected in a new version.

Credits: Myself :) and anyone who has complimented my script while online :D
This script was not made by or distributed or sponsored by raven or for that matter, ANY other organisation in the world.