Easy Saber Editing Script (2.0)

By RoBCi0
Date: 03-17-2008
Version: 2.0



It's been four years since I've wrote this script back in the days I was playing Jedi Academy. Although time has passed and many new, better, bigger, prettier games have been released, I decided I can't forget about the titles that I've been growing up with and the players that still enjoy them. That's why I found, dusted and revised this old script.

This correction shouldn't have been numbered all the way to 2.0 (it'd be more like 1.1 or 1.01), but - the hell - it's been four years and the only thing this mod does is let you chose your lightsaber type, hilt and color quickly by using two bound keys you can redefine, so a comeback like that deserves a round version number for the sole achievement of coming back.

The file has been heavily cleaned, rearranged and optimized in the means of volume - having the exact same functionality like the previous version, it is now composed using 56% of the original number of characters! Thanks to that it has been possible to put the entire script into one file, thus receding greatly from the limit of total script data that can be loaded into the game. The file itself has been recomposed, too, having four categories now: Binds (you can change both keys used by this mod here), Strings (which can be now easily edited for localization or personal visual changes), Sets (the commands executed when chosing a saber look option) and the Source Code itself.

I tried my best to produce a neat, final version of this script that could be easily modified by users WHILE being as minimal as possible. ([Information for scripters wishing to change this file for themselves]: this last directive had me have compressed variable names to such as "csa" standing for "color of [single/staff] saber, clause A" or "mdLd" as in "[hilt] model of LEFT dual [saber], clause D", which was one of the two main optimizations that made this file small - the second being the use of Strings instead of reciting the sentences over and over again in the Source Code).

To reiterate:
1. To use the script, put "saber.cfg" file in your "[Jedi Academy path]GameDatabase" directory, then open the console window in game and type "exec saber". You operate the functionality by two default keys (which you can freely modify in the first two lines of the file): HOME to navigate though options and PAGE UP to accept them.
2. To make the script always load automatically when you join a game, add "exec saber.cfg" line at the very bottom of your config file, located defaultly at "[Jedi Academy path]GameDatabasejampconfig.cfg".

In case of any questions, e-mail me at the address now updated in my profile. I hope you'll like the job done to the mod, and - for the second and hopefully the last time - have fun ^^