OJP-E Saber Fighting in Game Manual

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By TheDestroyer
Date: 07-09-2007



TheDestroyer's OJP-E Version 0.0.9v Saber System Manual!
Author: TheDestroyer (dugh)
Creation Date: June 30/07
Version: 1.0
For: OJP-E Version 0.0.9v

Description: A little echo script (3 buttons is all it takes up, lucky you :D) so you
can learn how to duel in OJP-E. I will update this whenever I get the chance. Enjoy :).

I'd like to thank the OJP Team for the awesome mod,
JR Hockney for the guide which I transformed into this script for ingame access.
I'd like to thank the maker of cycler 2 script.
Please Enjoy the script, and I hope you master OJP saber echo dueling!

Install: Just run the installer to your gamedataBase directory!

Uninstall: Run the Uninstaller included in the package, or you might leave a few files

Making the Manual, JR Hockney
Author of Cycler 2.cfg
OJP Team

Thanks for all the stuff!

Under NO condition may you use any/all of this script in any other project without my express permision with my signuature.
(That means copying then pasting the stuff to other areas ;))

(> <)