XyZ Script

By Robert Esmonde
Date: 12-19-2005



XyZ-script v1.01

_____________By Robert Esmonde

This is the next version of the Robert2005
script witch has been renamed to XyZ-script
XyZ is a JA clan.

Moves included are...

Auto kick (returns from v1.0)

Pull Kick (new)

Saber throw then Auto Pull (new)

Auto Kick Then Performing a Quik Saber Throw (new)

To Install...

Extract all the files to Gamedata\Base of your
Jedi Academy game location
Then when in game type in the console
/exec autoexec
and then press = (default start key)
now all the scripts are active.

Version History


-Added new features
-auto pull kick
-auto saber throw then pull
-auto kick then saber throw
-previous auto kick now works better rather than
at random times overwriting a manual kick
now always wins


-Auto kick
-easy to use



XyZ V1.01
Another day another win.

-Robert Esmonde

BETA testers
-Jack Arnott (TRON)
-Alyssa (china girl)
-James Challinor (Some crummy jap name kakhiharo?)

-Special thanks
-The downloaders

Kill Tracker Coming Soon.