Robert2005 Script

By Robert Esmonde
Date: 11-10-2005



////////////// Robert 2005////////////////////

.............. By Robert Esmonde ..............


Installation Instructions.

Extract all of these files to:

How to use. ---Come Visit the SaS clan server---

When ingame open up the console via Holding Shift
and then pressing tilide(key to the left of 1/!).
And type /exec Auto_Rob
this will activate my script you then press your key
to turn auto kick on, Default -
then when you use your auto kick key defaul SPACE
you will kick then when you want to do a normal
jump deactivate it default =


A Auto kick script wich is very useful if you are
strugling with performing a kick or just cant be

Trouble Shooting.

Q. I deleted the script but its still in the game how
can i fix this?
A. You must first open the console and type
/exec jampconfig this will restore default settings
or you can type /unbind <Script Key>
the first method is better

Q. Will this script defeat a manual kick if you and
another player both kicked at around the same time?
A. Yes

Q. Will people beable to see when i activate this?
A. No


Well this was a solo project i did on my own
the reason i made this was well noobs need help
and my previous script didnt have much of a impact
(My infamous "Mod").
But i thank Filefront.
And most of all the only man i look up to
the one the only

Ville Valo

Happy killing XD