Saber Color Changer (2.0)

By vVenticore
Date: 10-13-2005
Version: 2.0



the new saber change is now too for 2 sabers

blabla ^^
only jk3(v1.0) not for ja+

it is how in the last version from Sabercolor.
if one to fast gropes presses can it
a little the procedure block.

shift or copy " sabercolor.cfg " the file in
/BASE file, then simply in play log in in the
CONSOLE /EXEC sabercolorv2 enter and then the left mous
button and then f11 for the right (2 sabers) saber and the
single and double the f12 for the left saber color (by 2 saber)

-`why did i make the tool´-
one word ''Boring''

Author: vVenticore
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