Jedi Academy NPC Pack (1.1)

By Grim2004
Date: 06-28-2005
Version: 1.1




Jedi Academy NPC Packv 1.1

Title: Jedi Academy NPC PACK
Author: Grim2004
Website: ( Being renovated)
File Name: Jedi Academy NPC Pack
File Size: 4kb ( kilobites)
Date Released: 27 June 2005

Description: You are downloading a NPC Pack that was made with
the NPC Model Tool. You are allowed to use these in a map of you
own, you have permission. These are NPC's that were turnt good or bad,
smaller or bigger. Thank You.


1)Put The Pk3 Folder in the Gamedata/Base folder.
2)Start The Game And Go into a level and press Shift+` and
type helpusobi 1 then type in the npc names.

NPC Spawn Minimutant ( Mini Mutant Rancor)
Npc Spawn Minirank (Mini Normal Rancor)
Npc Spawn Giganticmutantrank ( Gigantic Mutant Rancor)
Npc Spawn GiganticRank (Gigantic Normal Rancor)
Npc Spawn GoodTavion ( Light Side Tavion)
Npc Spawn GoodAlora ( Light Side Alora)
npc Spawn GoodAtst ( Light Side Atst)
Npc spawn EvilChewie ( Chewbacca Dark Side)
npc spawn goodboba ( Light Side Boba Fett)
Npc spawn goodreborn ( Light Side Reborn)
Npc Spawn GoodDesann ( Light Side Desann)
Npc Spawn Good_saber_droid ( Saber_droid_training turnt good)
Npc Spawn Red_Swamp_Trooper ( Red Swamp Trooper)
Npc Spawn Blue_Swamp_Trooper ( Blue Swamp Trooper)
Npc sPawn Red_storm_trooper ( Red Storm Trooper)
Npc Spawn Blue_Storm_trooper ( Blue Storm Trooper)
Npc Spawn Evil_Kyle ( The Name Says it all)
Npc Spawn Good_hazard ( Light Side Harzard Trooper)

Total 18 NPC'S.

(SCREENSHOT IS INCLUDED, it excludes the rancors and some
other models)

Thanks For Downloading!

Special Thanks:
1)The People Who Made The NPC Tool.
2)A very special thanks to the staff at jk3files for uploading this.
3) To Lucasarts for such a great game!

No known bugs at the time.
Any Problems, Concerns, Or Comments
E-mail to

Sorry for people who downloaded my old file.