Jedi Academy NPC Pack (1.0)

By Grim2004
Date: 06-27-2005
Version: 1.0




Jedi Academy NPC Pack

Title: Jedi Academy NPC PACK
Author: Grim2004
Website: ( Being renovated)
File Name: Jedi Academy NPC Pack
File Size: 4kb ( kilobites)
Date Released: 27 June 2005

Description: You are downloading a NPC Pack that was made with
the NPC Model Tool. You are allowed to use these in a map of you
own, you have permission. These are NPC's that were turnt good or bad,
smaller or bigger. Thank You.

NPC Spawn Minimutant ( Mini Mutant Rancor)
Npc Spawn Minirank (Mini Normal Rancor)
Npc Spawn Giganticmutantrank ( Gigantic Mutant Rancor)
Npc Spawn GiganticRank (Gigantic Normal Rancor)
Npc Spawn GoodTavion ( Light Side Tavion)
Npc Spawn GoodAlora ( Light Side Alora)
npc Spawn GoodAtst ( Light Side Atst)
Npc spawn EvilChewie ( Chewbacca Dark Side)
npc spawn goodboba ( Light Side Boba Fett)
Npc spawn goodreborn ( Light Side Reborn)
Npc Spawn GoodDesann ( Light Side Desann)
Npc Spawn Good_saber_droid ( Saber_droid_training turnt good)
Npc Spawn Red_Swamp_Trooper ( Red Swamp Trooper)
Npc Spawn Blue_Swamp_Trooper ( Blue Swamp Trooper)
Npc sPawn Red_storm_trooper ( Red Storm Trooper)
Npc Spawn Blue_Storm_trooper ( Blue Storm Trooper)
Npc Spawn Evil_Kyle ( The Name Says it all)
Npc Spawn Good_hazard ( Light Side Harzard Trooper)

Total 18 NPC'S.

(SCREENSHOT IS INCLUDED, it excludes the rancors and some
other models)

Thanks For Downloading!


1)Put The Pk3 Folder in the Gamedata/Base folder.
2)Start The Game And Go into a level and press Shift+` and
type helpusobi 1 then type in the npc names.
Special Thanks:
1)The People Who Made The NPC Tool.
2)A very special thanks to the staff at Jk2 files for uploading this.

No known bugs at the time.
Any Problems, Concerns, Or Comments
E-mail to