JA+ Pre-AM Tele Script

By lostingamma
Date: 09-27-2004



This script has locations to 3 Maps. I have chosen the locations as important places or
Health & Shields.
The 3 maps are:

2.Taspir (mp/ffa5)
3.Tatoonie (mp/ffa3)

I am planing on adding more. I use this mostly to tele to secret places and/or health and
shields. It makes things go faster. I was able to tele to 2 diffrent healths and a shield,
then, tele back to the Main Platform on Taspir (mp/ffa5) in 3 seconds. It saves time :) I will be adding more
places in future versions. I would be Greatful if you would hit the Teleport button, when
you see the Broadcast, once in a while. It sends a message that gives me credit. I chose
these maps, becuase I visit them most often. I will be adding more, but, unless Im wrong,
I see mp/ffa5 most often. Hope you enjoy your quick healings and secret places.

Warning: Teleporting Into, And Killing Other People May Occur. :P

You may not take credit for creating my script.


Edit The preamtele.cfg to set your binded keys.
Copy preamtele.cfg to your japlus folder.
Join The Game, and type: /exec preamtele.cfg

::Why did I create this::

*shrugs* I took too long to find health and shields, what could take 3 minutes, can be
accompished now in 3 seconds (I was able to)

This only works on servers with the JA+ Mod.

Me Of Course
All Credits for the JA+ Mod goes to Slider
[OwF]GoreTex & his JA+ Admin Script for giving me the idea.

Author: lostingamma
Email: lostingamma@lostingamma.jk2files.com
Site: http://lostingamma.jk2files.com