Easy Saber Editing Script

By RoBCi0
Date: 08-01-2004



Easy Saber Editing Script (ESES :P)
RoBCi0 2oo4, robciopl@poczta.fm

So, they wanted me to write a readme file :P
If u want to experience the conveniences of simple saber editing :D, put both .cfg files in your GameData/base Jedi Academy directory, like C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base for example :) Then, when you are in a game, open console with shift + tylde ~ comination and write /exec saber1.cfg. Saber2.cfg will load itself automatically. I had to devide the script into 2 files, because when it was a one big one, it gave me a InsertTextOverflood error, heh :> Or something like that :D When you already loaded the script, you use Home key to choose everything among options, and Page Up key to approve your choice. You can change these keys by opening saber1.cfg file and changing the binds in first two lines.

With this script you are able to choose saber colors, saber types and hilt models with only two keys, and with no profile editing. I was making that file for myself and i was planning to give this scrpit three options: my favourite single, dual and staff saber. But then i thought i can give this script POWER :D and I included all available base sabers inside. Now I'm proud of this script, because before i started to do it, i knew NOTHING about /vstr and the other commands :)

I hope you will like the file, it is open for upgrades and changes, only let me know you want to have something else inside it. If something's wrong, you detected some bug (though i was searching hard for them and removed all that i found) or anything, post under the file or send me an e-mail :)

Hey i wasn't going to write such a grown-up readme ;P Oh well, Have Fun All! :D