All Hidden Model Stuff

By Misanthropic Revan
Date: 05-19-2004



Well, First I was too lazy to really think about the
secret models or find them out, so I downloaded the
Hidden Skins Text File from and there
weren't all in it. So I decided to make a new File
with it, that everyone can enjoy all the base skins...


To get them, just type "/model xxx" in the console...
xxx Stands for:

boba_fett/no_jetpack (Boba Fett without jetpack, makes only sense in SP with "/playermodel xxx")
cultist/brown (a brown cultist)
imperial/commander (like the normal imperial, but with dark blue commander uniform)
imperial/officer (like the normal imperial, but with brown officer uniform)
jawa (Jawa)
jedi/j2 (another Jedi Apprentice)
jedi/master (another Jedi Master in some kind of beige Jedi outfit)
reborn_twin/boss (black armored Reborn Master)
reborn/boss (like the one from JO)
human_merc/racto (like Racto from SP)
human_merc/key_carrier (not much difference to normal merc, but still there is)
prisoner/elder (one of the elders, green outfit)
prisoner/elder2 (another one of the elders, green outfit, grey hair)
prisoner/merchant (grey outfit and grey hair)
stormtrooper/officer (Stormtrooper Officer with yellow shoulder pad)
tavion_new/possessed (Tavion like she looked when possessed by Ragnos in SP)


Now this get's nasty:
For Hoth Clothes in MP:

(NOTICE: The | is not an L or an i... I get it with "Alt + Ctrl + <")
(Another way to get that is: Hold Alt, really hold it... Then)
(go to the Numpad, or Numblock, the Numbers on your right side and)
(type 1, 2 and 4, like typing "124" and then, release the Alt button)
(Now I hope this works fine with everyone...)

Human Male
jedi_hm/head_a1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Black Human with Hoth Clothes)
jedi_hm/head_b1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Blond Human with Hoth Clothes)
jedi_hm/head_b2|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Blond Human with Hoth Clothes, but without Hands)
jedi_hm/head_c1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Human with short brown hair and Hoth Clothes)

Human Female
jedi_hf/head_a1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Female with Brown "High" Hair and Hoth Clothes)
jedi_hf/head_b1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Blond Female with Hoth Clothes)
jedi_hf/head_c1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Female with Brown Hair and Hoth Clothes)

Now I can't describe a Kel Dor's or Rodian's or Zabrak's or Twi'lek's Face, just try them)

Kel Dor Male
jedi_kdm/head_a1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Just try those 3 until you get the one you like)

Rodian Male
jedi_rm/head_a1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Just try those 3 until you get the one you like)

Zabrak Female
jedi_zf/head_a1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Just try those 3 until you get the one you like)

Twi'lek Female (Just try those 8 until you get the one you like)
jedi_tf/head_a1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (a is for tails hanging down)
jedi_tf/head_b1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (b is for one tail around the neck)


Now if you like to have a cool dying sound and don't mind playing with
Kyle, then type "/model rancor" or "/model wampa" without the " in your
console... You don't get the model or a taunt by them, but when someone
hurts you or kills you or you fall to death then you hear their screams...
I like that, hehe... Perhaps you, too...


Well, I hope you enjoy trying all this...
Misanthropic Revan