JK3 Cheats

By Cobra
Date: 01-21-2004



Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy Cheats JK3 Special Version
By Cobra

You have to have miscrosoft word to see my cheats
its only Version 2.00 so expect to see more versions
this is like a big cheat pakage to look out its printable as well :-)

I Hope you enjoy it im not for a clan at the moment email me if u
want to join my clan -=TJO=- the jedi order now its got a
bounty hunter division :-)
email will be at end also if u see any bugs email me
aswell and if u want to edit it email me again i guess thats all what
I wanna say heres my email and all [<MW>] If ur reading this I quit
because ive havnt heard from the leader

Email: robert_duffy233@hotmail.com