Over the Shoulder View + 1st and 3rd Person

By Pande
Date: 09-07-2010




This readme is actually important. :P

Firstly, these scripts don't work without cheats or if server has enabled these commands. So sorry about that. :S There is no way to get over the shoulder without these camera commands so I'm afraid were out of luck.

Anyway, to get these scripts working with cheats on, enter one of these 3 lines into console. This must be done for any of these to work. Doesn't matter which one, each script is designed to call the others.

bind P exec shoulder_view

bind P exec normal_view

bind P exec 1st_person_view

Note that P is important because thats what is in the scripts. However, if you want to change which key it uses OR any of the values, feel free to open up the pk3 (use winrar, or rename it to .zip and open it (works, pk3's are actually zips). Note that if you make changes to either normal view or 1st_person_view that they should be made to be the same (fixes some problems with saber). Be sure to keep the same key for the cg_thirdperson binds, as they loop when they are all the same and break if any of them are different. Its all pretty obvious anyway, email me if you need help at:


or I'm on xfire as