Nina Mod 1.5

By Larry McBruce
Date: 12-10-2004




Star Wars Jedi Academy : Nina

By Larry McBruce the french mapper (yes, it means i�m not fluent in English, so please don't go mad at me if you find spelling mistakes.)

Introduction :

Nina 1.5 is a major improvement of my previous mod. I added extensive cinematics, new musics, new blades, new sounds, and of course a new map (it was the least I could do). Keep in mind that this level is the result of days of work, so if you don't like it, try to make constructive critics. I hope you will enjoy the changes.

Story :

In this mod you will play Nina, the younger sister of the fallen Sith Lord Tavion. Like her sister, Nina has a strong connection with the Force, but she chose to use her skills in a different way. Nina is neither a Jedi nor a Sith, she's a bounty hunter, who doesn't bother much about philosophical questions. But talk about money with her, and she�ll become your best friend.

Character :

Nina :

Species : Human Age : 18 (standard) Occupation : Bounty hunter

Weapons : lightsaber; personal bowcaster.

How to install Nina :

Unzip �� into your �C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\Gamedata� folder, then double click on the batch file (�Nina.Bat�) in the �Gamedata� folder to launch the modification. You can create a shortcut on your desktop if you wish.

This level supports both English and French. Please set your game to English or French language and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENABLED �SUBTITLES: IN CINEMATICS� IN THE GAME OPTIONS MENU. SUBTITLES ARE NEEDED FOR THE CUTSCENES.

You can choose your saber style ( fast, medium, strong ) at the beginning of the level.

Credits :

I am the author of all the maps and all the modifications. I�d like to insist on one point: this level DOES NOT contain any third-party material, except the lightsaber sounds.These new sounds (modified for the game) come from a Zip file made by Chris Fergo. You can download it here:

Music :

�Love pledge and the arena�, �Zam the assassin and the chase through Coruscant�, and �the Sith spacecraft�, composed by John Williams.

Beta-testers :

Rashzagal, and Jedi_Vogel. Thanks for your patience and your work!

Special thanks :

Many thanks to the people of, and, for their great sites full of informations, tips, and tutorials. Raven software for their great games, John Williams for his incomparable music, and of course Master Lucas.

One last word :

Remember, Nina is not a jedi. It means that she is not really trained to wield a lightsaber, and that she has limited powers, so don�t hesitate to use the other weapons (try the balster rifle it�s fun!!)

Legal :

I am not responsible for the damages this modification might cause to your computer. Use it at your own risk.
You cannot use any part of my work and/or modify it in any way, without my permission.

This modification is not made, distributed, or supported by Activision, Raven, or Lucasarts entertainment company Llc. Elements TM & (c) Lucasarts entertainment company Llc and/or its licensors.