Princess Leia

By StingRay
Date: 05-24-2005




Jedi Academy Model

Model Name: PrincessLeia(Slave).pk3
includes: Leia_Slave, Leia_Organa, Leia_Endor, Leia_Ceremonial

Author: StingRay


1.Leia as Jabba's slave
2.Leia from A New Hope
3.Leia in Ceremonial gown
4..Leia in Ewok Celebration outfit


U KNOW, BTW. (Yub Yub)


Installation Instructions:

Place the PrincessLeia(Slave).pk3 file from this zip archive into the LucasArts/StarWarsJediKnightJediAcademy/gamedata/base/ directory, where you installed the game.

I thought it was a bit odd that Leia models were so few and far between. The couple I did find were very good so I was intimidated to even submit this, I never intended to when I made it. This was my first attempt at 3d modeling. Having no expierence made weighting the model quite aggravating. That's putting it mildly to say the least lol. Just thinking about how it was at first gives me a headache. I still havent mastered the process even after the many, many times I did it trying to get this one right. The model still isnt exactly how I intended it to be, and when I get it all down I'll probably update her. Although, Im very happy with how I weighted the dresses/skirts. I tried to be as accurate as I possibly could. Im still new to this whole 3d modeling thing, and a lot of my reference images were poor in quality. In the end, I was pleased when I saw it in the actual game. The Endor model is my favorite, even though the slave model is why I started this in the first place.
The pieces of her costumes as well as her hair are seperate model pieces. So, you can turn them on or off. Sorry, there are no LODs. I have a slow pc, and this model worked fine. I made this model for multiplayer, and there isnt any NPC support. The screenshots I made do not give the model justice. I didnt have anyone to pose for me, unfortunately, so I had to find a willing soul I didnt know to pose. In fact, I giggle when I look at them. Oh! Like myself, she has a french manicure .......I couldnt resist. Besides, Han digs it.

I would like to thank, Psyk0Sith, I dont know what I would have done without his tutorials. I would still be trying to figure out why half my model was upside down if not for his tuts. (Im assuming Psyk0Sith is a he, if not I apologize) Also, Michael Frost, for his Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast Player Model Import Tutorial. It walked me through the whole process. Literally. Thanks to both of you.

**I also need to thank -=S=- 50Cent for taking the time and posing for me. After which he wiped the floor with me. lol

*And last, but not least, I would like to thank "Ernie", my computer, I couldnt play JA let alone create a model without him.

Bot Support- Yes
Team Support- Yes
New Sounds- Yes (6 new sounds)
LODs- No

-This model, is not to be modified or skinned without my permission.-
Just email me.

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