C3PO v2

By Macman
Date: 11-29-2004




C3PO skin by Macman of the clan O³ (Ozone).


This skin includes three different versions of C3PO, including a gold,
silver, and rust version. To change which version you want to use,
choose Default team for gold, Blue team for silver, and Red team for
rust.This skin also has bot support, though as I did not implement this,
I am not sure how well it works, thought I have tested it and you
can use this skin as a bot.
(This skin is different than the ingame version,
because the in-game version does not have the correct
bone structure in the .glm file)

---Installation Insctructions---

To install this skin,
simply put the file C3PO-Macman.pk3 in your GameData/Base folder.


Special thanks to walnut for supplying the required .glm file needed,
because the in-game glm does not have the right bone structure.

Macman is not responsable for any harm
this skin may cause you, or any of your belongings, e.g.
your computer blowing up. You may not distribute this file, copy,
or take credit for this file without sole written permission from
the author.


Go here to see my movie:

-Fixed head displaying wrong on gold and silver verison.

-Updated file to fix bug where bottom half of right leg wasn't
displaying on the rust version of the skin.