Darth Vos

By SR^Jarius
Date: 06-11-2004




Come visit the SR^SaberGrounds server at
and the SR^ctfarena server at
(go to the server lists and type in the console connect then the ip of the server.
Info - Ok this is my first skin that i made with paint but then updated with photo shop.
He was origanaly Quinlan Vos but i spiced him up for all you darth side lovers. (woot)
I also changed his taunts up and added npc's to him.
Model - Default - darth_vos/default
red - darth_vos/red
blue - darth_vos/blue
Nohood - darth_vos/robed
hood - darth_vos/hooded
npc's - There are a bunch of npc's here so im gonna list em all.
in console type,
npc spawn darth_vos
for the darth vos with staff. he will follow your throughout singleplayer and wil fight bad npc's in mp
npc spawn darth_vos2
for the single darth vos he is also good and will do all the same things
as the first one.
npc spawn darth_vos3
dual sabers and will do all the same as the other two
npc spawn darth_vos4
for the staff "bad" vos. he will fight you in single and multiplayer games.
npc spawn darth_vos5
single saber "bad" vos.
npc spawn darth_vos6
dual "bad" vos