Aayla Secura (Jedi Academy)

By Jevathan
Date: 10-28-2003




Aayla Secura skin for Jedi Academy, version 1.0

Installation Instructions: extract the tfAayla.pk3 to your "Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base\" directory.
Next time you boot up the game, go to "custom" in multiplayer or start a new game in
singleplayer; there should be one new torso, one new head and one new lower half
for the Twi'lek female model. Choose the three and Aayla should be set to go!

File Info: This is a three part skin utilizing the Jedi Academy "custom model" system. Color selection is not available
at this point, though I might attempt it for a future release.

Developer: Leonardo J. Ceballos, "Jevathan" or "JevTaliz" being my SW nick.

Notes: This Aayla skin is essentialy an experiment at making skins using the Jedi Academy custom skin format. Its also
my first skin submission for any game, ever, so be nice ;)

I only had a single pic of her from the movie to work on, so I drew extensively from the dark horse comic.
Because of that there may be some innacuracies, sorry about that.

Model notes: First of all, there is no color selection yet. I haven't figured this out but I do have a theory and
I'll investigate that next (after a break from JA...I need it ;) ) It has a custom shader file that
is a simple modification of the players.shader file which is necessary to make the cloth that hangs
bellow her belt double sided. It also fixes a bug in the game where the torso_04_lower file was NOT
double sided, the only lower part that isn't. So yea, it ain't only a skin, its a bug fix ;)

Finaly, its a bit of an experiment in combining elements from diferent "parts" in the original game.
Her torso is a reskin of one torso, but I turned on elements from another (the belt cloth thingy).
Its an interesting way to create slightly variant models without having to do any actual modeling.

Anyway, enjoy the skin!