Forsaken Reborn (1.8)

By Austin Stephan Renner
Date: 06-17-2012
Version: 1.8




|Skin: "Forsaken Reborn" |
|Auth: Austin Stephan Renner |
| (Austephner) |
| ([KR] Key) |
|DOC : Sunday, March 18th, 2012 |


(1) Take the .PK3 file and put it into a place you won't forget.
(2) If you've installed the game with a CD - option A. If you've
installed the game through Steam - option B.
[A] Open up the location which you installed the game onto
your harddrive. Generally C:/Program Files/. Next find
the Lucas Arts folder and open it. Now open up the JKA
folder. Now open up the Game Data folder. Now open up the
Base folder. Place the .PK3 into this folder. Restart JKA.
[B] Find where your folder is located for game files. They
seem to be different for some reason. Open the JKA folder
then open the Game Data folder. Next open the Base folder.
Put the .PK3 into that folder.
(3) If JKA is running, restart it. Otherwise - Enjoy! :D


Perhaps not all of the reborns were bad? Perhaps one of them
managed to break beyond the bonds of the dark side? Well, if it did
happen - it'd require a lot of power. This is my rendition of what I
believe a reborn would look like after going on a quest to find said

The red team skin is the corrupted forsaken reborn. The blue
team skin is the ultimate-good forsaken reborn. The normal skin is
simply the neutral version.


I hereby give permission to Jediknight3.FileFront.Com to use
and distribute my modification for the Lucas Arts game, Star Wars:
Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. As well as the forums of the Knights Reborn, with the same permissions.

If you wish to copy work from this mod, please ask me first.
Otherwise, I will consider you an asshole, just as well as the JKA/
JK3 community. Please message me over the JK3.Filefront forums or
website - Austephner.

//Credits & Copy Complications//

The real motive behind making this skin / skinpack came from
the "Arcane Weapons Pack" by dyyor. Please note I made every .shader
and texture in this mod - I did NOT use anything by or from dyyor's
mod(s). This is all original work. The only parts that aren't origi-
nal are the recolored reborn clothing skin pieces, and the torso was
found on a free texture website. The arms were also found on a free
texture website. All the "runes" and designs are mine. Please do not
steal them. :)

Thanks to dyyor mainly for inspiring me. Thanks to Senbou
for showing me the weapons pack. Thanks to Jawfin and John for
helping me throughout my skinning career - I wouldn't know as much
as I do about .shaders had it not been for either of them. Thanks to
DeathSycth[e] (:3), MasterM, and Mandalorian for posing for me in the

Thanks to my current JKA clan, Knights Reborn, for being so
supportive of me. I've made a lot of friends I will truly regret
leaving behind some day when I'm old and gray.