NPC Droid Pack

By Helena Revan
Date: 09-11-2010




Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

TITLE: NPC Droid Pack
AUTHOR: Helena Revan

FILENAME: NPC_Droid_Pack.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 4 September 2010

CREDITS: These NPC's are based on Ravensoft's three astromech droids, found in the Jedi Academy base assets. I'd like to thank Valis Elensar and Z for helping me learn to use Gimp in order to create these skins, and for helping me evaluate the colours and overall appearance.

I'd also like to thank several people for their advice, for acting as testers, and for lending me servers to test them on, including BloodRaven, Razor, Geek, Caelum, Drako, Se7en, Rin Mintaka, Podoplovik, and Link.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Simply place the file called "NPC_Droid_Pack.pk3" in your base folder, which you'll find inside the "gamedata" or "Jedi Academy" folder, alongside Jedi Academy and Jedi Academy MP.

You might want to keep this documentation in a "downloads" folder. If you need to de-install these NPC's, just move the pk3 from base to "downloads." That way, you won't have to download them again if you want to use them later.

DESCRIPTION: This pack contains thirty-six Droid NPC's that you can spawn and play with in Jedi Academy MP. They behave exactly like the base Jedi Academy astromechs. To make them follow you, spawn a Jawa and walk in front of it so that you're the first player that the Jawa sees.

Their reactions are a bit delayed; as long as you're far enough away, they'll travel at random intervals toward the point where you were when they decided to move. As you move around, they'll choose new places to go. After each movement phase, they'll orient themselves to your current position, as long as you're nearby.

The pack also contains three NPC Droid Vehicles, which allow you to jump in and drive around as a droid. They feature realistic droid speed, designed to match default player walking speed, and turbo that briefly allows you to move at the same speed as a running player.

If you've previously downloaded the (JAWA) Temple map, you probably don't need this pack. All of the NPC's and vehicles were included as part of that map. But if you don't have that map, or you need to uninstall it, this stand-alone pack will let you use the droids.

BUGS: After much experimentation, the droid vehicles had to be made using the VH_Animal class. This means that you can only drive them by jumping in, and not with the "use" key. This also makes getting through doors a bit tricky.

These vehicles also don't have an explosion effect. The VH_Walker class was unusable because it killed anything it ran into, and the VH_Speeder tended to float after driving off inclines, and traveled three times as fast through the air as on the ground.

Lastly, although the droid vehicles are supposed to require both hands to operate, you can still activate and use your lightsaber after getting in, to deadly effect. But once you de-activate it, you won't be able to turn it on again without getting out of the vehicle.

COMMENTS: The NPC Spawn codes for the droid NPC's are:

R2-A1; R2-A3; R2-A5; R2-A6; R2-B1; R2-B3; R2-C4; R2-D1; R2-D2; R2-D3; R2-KT; R2-M5; R2-Q2; R2-Q5; R2-R9; R2-X1; R2-X2; R3-T2; R4-C7; R4-F5; R4-H5; R4-M6; R4-P17; R4-P44; R5-A2; R5-A7; R5-D2; R5-D4; R5-E4; R5-E5; R5-F7; R5-F8; R5-F9; R5-J2; R5-M2; R5-X2.

R2-A3 and R2-M5 are the same as R2-D1; R2-C4 is the same as R2-D3.
R2-D2, R2-Q5, R5-D2, and R5-D4 are simply aliases for the base NPC's r2d2, r2d2_imp, and r5d2.
R2-B3 is a name I assigned to an otherwise unnamed droid seen with R3-T2 at Mos Eisley.
R2-X1 is a name I assigned to an alternate version of R2-X2.
R5-J2 is probably what the skin for r5d2_imp would have looked like had it been made.
R5-E4, R5-E5, R5-F8, and R5-F9 are original designs.

I've tried to be as accurate as possible in these designs, but in some cases I had to improvise or follow my own judgment.

The droid vehicles are:


All of these droids are safe to spawn on any server where they've been installed. Anybody who has them will see them, and anybody who doesn't will simply see untextured R2 or R5 units.

Anybody may use the custom textures, shaders, and NPC's in this pack, provided they give proper credit to the author.

Helena Revan