Final Fantasy VII ShinRa Grunt

By Eclypse
Date: 07-15-2007




ShinRa Grunt Readme

TITLE: Final Fantasy VII ShinRa Grunt
Author: Eclypse

Filename: shinragrunt.pk3, MPGun.pk3

Directions: Put both ShinRaGrunt.pk3 and MPGun.pk3 in your base folder. The MPGun replaces the E-11.

Model: Raven/Eclypse
Skinning: Eclypse, Jalechah (MP Helmet), Jack Hamma/General Jestah (Spec and Glow maps)
Rigging, NPC and Bot Support: Eclypse
MP Gun Model: Jalechah

This model is basically a remodel of Luke (torso, hips, arms, hands, feet) with a few items added in by me (Helmet, knee, shoulder armor, legs, visor, head). A little bit of reskinning and voila! Nothing special, but fun nonetheless.

Please don't port this out to another game. Totally illegal as this is 70% JA model.

Special Thanks: Anakin992 for getting me started on this project, Noen_Garuth, for his wealth of knowledge, Talonalus for his reference shots, Jose Carlos for keeping me on task with the modelling, Ryojin for NPC and Bot Support help, and all the guys at Final Fantasy Revamped for being so excited about this. Enjoy, and please don't reskin it without asking me. Thanks!