By Shady-D
Date: 08-21-2005




Paintballer By Shady-D
Contact: (also msn)
Instructions: Hurr easy, just extract paintballer.pk3 in yer base
and yer done :)
Description: This guy was made for the paintball mod , but that never got finished, i also moddeled a gun , a paintball gun to be exact. Delta68 ,if anyone is interested in getting the mesh contact me cuz i cant get it in-game. Anywayss there might be a few bugs but that doesn't matter cuz im not updating this one.. the mod is dead anyway :/

Model: Shady-D
Skin:(MW) innocent Hawk
BetaTester: Inno hawk and me
sound: None sorry
TeamSupport: yah
botsupport: Uh-huh (he uses force XD kinda weird)

Not made by RAVEN bla bla bla, u know teh stuff ;)