Stick Man (v3.0)

By IG-64
Date: 09-02-2004




Thank you for downloading Stick Man V 3.0 model by IG-64.

V 3.0 Updates are, completely remodeled, added gold and silver, added good (saint) and evil (devil).

To achieve these options:

/model stick_man/gold
/model stick_man/silver
/model stick_man/good
/model stick_man/evil

and for refrece sake of what colors there are from v2:

Aqua, Blue, Brown, Cyan, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow, and Default (black)

To install: Just extract the .pk3 to your base folder, and overwrite old vertion.

Contact me at

My in-game name is =GoW=Game&Watch.

Enjoy! :)