Turquoise Dragon (1.6)

By Turquoise Dragon
Date: 08-31-2009
Version: 1.6




Mike, Turquoise Dragon

Version: 1.6

Turquoise Dragon

E-mail (hopefully will change soon): turquoisedrag0n@aim.com

Programs used in reworking:
Photoshop 7.0

Place in ...Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyGameDatabase folder.

Remove from the aforementioned folder.

Basic Info:
This is a re-skin of the silverdragon model/skin by Manganiac, as well as it being the first skin that I have done. It is designed to be a personal skin (hence my name)/ representaiton of one of my story characters, but I figured, what the heck, let's see what the populace thinks of it. I spent about 20 hours working on it, as I had trouble getting the coloration and shirt to be correct (my Photoshop skills were of immense help here =D). Due to the constraints of the model, the shirt is scale tight. Some parts are simply color replacement (not the same as paintbucket), while others are a complete change of color and texture. There is a bit of desaturation used, as it best accomplished the color change I wanted in certain areas. Both the standard skin and the team skins are available in SP.

Character Background (Does anyone even care?):
Mike was a human who (obviously) lived on Earth, and during the Great Civil War of 2012, discovered a unique ability - he could create portals that warped through time and space. Thus, he traveled throughout the galaxy over several different eras. Over time, he developed a wide range of psychic/Force abilities, among which was shapeshifting. On multiple occasions, he ended up in the SW Galaxy, finally settling down in a nearby galaxy on the planet of Raptorsis I during the time of the SW Galactic Civil War. Once on the Raptorsis I, he discovered the inhabitants in a struggle with none other than a detatchment of the Imperial Military, sent by none other than Palpatine. This was augmented by a force of Yuzzhan Vong (Did I spell it right?). During the conflict, he took on his dragon form (represented here, albiet without his bracers, cloak, horns, tail, and wings).

-(obviously) Changed the overall color of the skin to a blue-green/turquoise skin/scales and black/darker grey armor parts.
-Changed the eye pupil (not noticable in-game, except sp cinematics).
-changed the claw coloration.
-Added a shirt to the torso. On the default front is a logo of the Pennsylvania Railroad (in case anyone was wondering). On the red team, there is a pic of 3 Pennsylvania Railroad engines. On the blue team, I ran out of ideas, and put the Triforce on it, as a bit of a tribute to the greatest video game series of all time. If you do not understand this, I command you to punch yourself. HARDER!
-Removed the shoulder pads (I did not really like them with the clothing).

Potential Updates:
Version 2: If and when I learn how to model, I hope to completely redo this 'project'. The main differences will be the use of a completely different model. From the poking around that I've done, I've noticed that a lot of the 'dragon' skins/models don't look too 'dragony'. Hence, 2.0's model will (hopefully) include a pair of wings and a tail (at least to some degree) in order to make it closer to what i picture a dragon to be. Once i gain the proper equipment, custom sounds will also (again, hopefully) be included.

Legal Parts and Pieces:

As the original model/skin was give to the masses freely, I do not care if you use this skin at all for your own purposes. If it contains any of my modifications/ideas, simply give me credit, otherwise, all credit goes to the original creator.

This mod is no way supported by LucasArts, Raven Software, Activision, or any other companies that may have played a role in creating Jedi Academy. I assume no personal resonsibility as to any game failures, problems, etc. that may result from this skin, as it has caused none to mine.

Elements are trademarks and copyrights of LucasArts and/or any of its licensors.

Pennsylvainia Railroad logo copyright of the Pennsylvania Railroad (and likely also of the current owners: CSX Transportation and Norforlk Southern Railroad).

Triforce copyright of Nintendo.