Map Packs


Title Version Author
Bodycount Map Pack Crix Modo
Christmas disruption, team ffa and af_elodn -=AF=- Warrior
Dark Forces 2 CTF Map Pack (1.0) 1.0 Arbok8C
Delta's Duel Pack (1.0) 1.0 delta_135
EnigmaMod SithDagger
Eye Candy Realm and Prison Version 1 (beta) beta FuL*CruM
gdup_mappack (1.0) 1.0 Jim Dawson
Hydroball Map Pack The Gingerbread Ninja
Jedi Academy Single Player Maps MaceCrusherMadunusus
JK2 Multiplayer Maps Tariq Ali
Jk3Duelpack Nobody[MRB]
KoG Server Files Ganuroth
Lava Duel Map Pack Game_freak444
ldj_mappack Livingdeadjedi
Lost Temples Map Pack Xid Zen Turres FC
lv_426's Duel Map Pack lv_426
Matrix Reloaded (V3) V3 CLU - Nathan
Mindwarp (with Lightcycles) (2.0) 2.0 Ataris21
ModSect's Evil Map Pack Orbitius
Nar Shaddaa Streets Map Pack super_chiken
New Worlds Map Pack (1.1) 1.1 micahmatt
Orbs Duel Server Expansion Pack Orbitius
Quake 3 Remake Pack Jenova*Rebirth*
RJA Map Pack (v2.0) v2.0 RJA
RJA mappack (1.0) 1.0 RJA
RJA mappack (bug fix) (v1.1) v1.1 RJA
RJK Mappack {RJK}Renek
Rocky's Arena ToiletCleanersDev
SJC Coruscant Adventures Pack (Night and Day) Sith-J-Cull
Sniper Zone and F-Zero Beta Maps CLU - Nathan
Star Wars Episode III JKA Map Pack - Part 1 Sith-J-Cull
Star Wars Episode III JKA Map Pack - Part 2 Sith-J-Cull
Star Wars Episode III JKA Map Pack - Part 3 Sith-J-Cull
Strange Necrotic1
Taspir Power Complex V3 Source Files Parabolic Minds
The Crack of Doom (3.0) 3.0 Devmapall
The Duel Arena's (1.5) 1.5 delta_135
TPC_v3_mod_Clan_Tork (3.5) 3.5 FerusOlin
Trixster's Hideout Darth Droofus