Grand Jedi Skills: Inner City Stories

By Boddo
Date: 02-04-2009




Grand Jedi Skills: Inner City Stories - MULTIPLAYER MAP - JkA - FFA

Title : Grand Jedi Skills: Inner City Stories
GAME : Jedi Knights Academy

Author : S. Robinson (Boddo)
E-mail: :
Website :

File Name : jka_innercity.pk3
File Size : aprox 100 MBytes
Date Released : jan 15th '09

%% ***************************************************** %%
%% included is the custom bloodmod I made specifically for this map. I hope you use it when playing.**** %%
%% included is a custom emplaced-gun (turret) mod, it changed the turret into a large revolver type gun. %%
%% ***************************************************** %%

D e s c r i p t i o n :

Are you ready, to advance to the next level of the game?
^ ^ ^ ^ Grand Jedi Skills: Inner City Stories ^ ^ ^ ^

I present you with the insanley awesome Grand Jedi Skills: Inner City Stories.
Perhaps the most complex and large MP FFA map made for JKA

Venture the inner city stories to be had.
Many floors to see in this building, lots of small details.

Work together/against friends to complete challenges and explore.

Poster on corkboards read:
- "MISSING: 3 of my puppies were taken from the lobby"

On the ground floor you will find 6 paintings. 3 of wich are challenges.

retrieving the puppies requires completing the challenges
Paintings are unlocked as they are completed.

A mighty beanstock! (challenge - reach the puppie dog atop (jump challenge))
A general purpose duel area
A candy zone (challenge - reach the puppie dog atop (platforming jump challenge))
A Planes general purpose area
A Jello pole jumping challenge area (challenge - reach the puppie dog at the end (jumping/strafe jumping challenge))
A Snowboard mountain - bonus area, last unlocked. 4 snowboard to choose from (vehicles), for you and your friends racing fun

### No the challenges are not easy, why play a game if its easy? sorry to disapoint the chatters ###
### only requirment is Jump level 3 ###

The Helicopter vehicle will be unclocked and available in the mall Gift-Shop upon completion of retrieving all 3 puppies.

New saber/weapons:
Baseball Bat
Coffee Mug
Coffee Pot
Another Baseball Bat that glows the color of your selected saber color
New Vehicles:

skateboarding is available ( O'Clink'O Store in the mall )
2 skateboards

snowboarding is available ( Mountain Painting - ground floor )
4 snowboards

1 R/C Helicopter is available after challenges are completed
(in the Gift-Shop)

some vehicles you have to be airborn
to exit. meaning you may have problem
exiting if your on a flat surface

some users reported glitching when
exiting the vehicle, that causes players
to not function properly for a few
seconds up to a minute. these problems
are not frequent, and are just ocasional

sourced out images; photos vending machine, pop vending machine, coin machine.
all the rest, original boddo Textures/shaders.
all original boddo models/weapons/vehicles/etc...
brush architecture: 8850+ brushes
patch architecture: 5850+ patches
model architecture: 2500+ models
compile (light phase):-fast -samples 2 -bounce 4
Support/Info: FFA
bot support: Yes

===========programs used============
Programs used:
Gimp (the Gnu image manipulation program)
GtkRadient 1.5
Quake Video Maker

no global music, use your own playlist.

primitive Ubar/Audio-Empire music by boddo
(can be toggled on/off via radio's in locations)

map source, models, and assets are included
for educational purposes.
additionally you are permited to use
the models so long as you credit within your readme

extract to your GameDatabase folder under jk2 game directory, and it is selectable among the usual Multiplayer maps as InnerCity.

this map nor is in any way affiliated with lucas arts or georgy lucas, raven and whoever else made these great games.