Christmas in Helix

By Double W Jedi
Date: 01-01-2009




Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

TITLE**: Christmas In Helix
AUTHOR**: Double W Jedi

COMMENTS: To anyone who downloads this map, I hop you can find it in your hearts to forgive me. There was going to be alot of great things about this map. But the sad thing is, I was rushed. I started back at the end of November, but was busy with college. When school ended, I had a lot of responsibilities to do for christmas for my family. The thing that I am dissapointed about is the lightning. I had several light enities with different colors for the christmas lights, but radiant would not compile them. I tried using different compiling methods each time, but no lighting would apear. I also had trouble with scripting, everything just goes haywire when I try to use them. I am heartly sorry about this, it's just I didn't have enough time to get it done before christmas, other wise it would be much better.

Description: For those of you who have never heard of Helix, it is the town that my sister and my little brother go to school at. My sister plays for the volleyball and basketball team there as well. I made quite of few friends from there as well, and we were all much happy to there instead of the town we moved out of. Since we enjoyed our times there, I wanted to make a FFA map of the town, and then show it to everybody in a video formate as a christmas present to everybody. But since I havn't released any maps for a while, I thought I might share this with everybody, since its chrismtas.

Anyways, this is a large scale map of the town Helix. I tried to make it as acurate as possible. I included the high school, gym, tennis court, with a bunch of tauntauns inside the court, and I also included the whole town of Helix . And in the cafeteria there is a stage up front for the drama class plays. You'll see that I included a fire place for Santa Clause to climb down. So if you go up to the fire place, you will teleport up to the roof top. There you will see santa's sleigh and his riendeer. I havn't had much experiace with modeling, and there was nobody around to help with that, so I build the reindeers from scratch. There is also the gym, inside the gym I included a line for Santa,(I couldn't find a Santa Clause Model anywhere, otherwise I would have put him on the chair). Theres a train that just stays there, I wanted to write a script for it to circle the christmas tree, but ran out of time. Outside is the best part. I made a drop zone ride, you know one of those rides that takes up a long ways, then drops down really fast. Also I included a ferris wheel, and a ice scating ring for anybody who wants to scate. Also there is a big ski ride that you can ride through around the school grounds. Lastly for anybody that like skiing, I mad a big ski slide down town where you would have to walk all the way up the stairs, then slide down the slide an fly through a bid ring in the middle and then land down on the next slide.

CLU - Nathan: I used some of his textures from his Matrix reloaded map. You'll find his readme with the zip drive.

GrimReaper: Thankyou for those great tree models.

Anne Murray: Music

All the new features in this map include:

New Textures
New Music
New Shaders
New Models
New Terrain
and Bot Routing.

Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel, Power Duel.

The ski ride get stuck after you take off, so you have to move or jump forward to get it moving, same with the ferris wheel. There may be a few misbrush alignments. If I had more time, I would of fixed that. There are a few missing textures. The one on the drop zone, I actually did on purpose, because I thought it might actually look like the chairs are moving up a belt.

Thats all for the map. Merry Christmas to everybody.

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