House of Origin (v2.0)

By Nurse
Date: 05-29-2008
Version: v2.0




Mapname: House of Origin V2
Clananme: Origin
Map by: Nurse

Map info:

I can explain the fixes and other stuff in this version... but no one really ever seen Version 1, because there was something
wrong with it.
So this map plays in a big building with many duel rooms hallways and other stuff to check out, there a re even a
couple of secret duel rooms that you will never find.
The map has been build with very basic skills... because my skills arent that high so dont expect to much,
things can be blocky, but overall i think its nice :)


YESSS!!!!! this map has bot support, i made the bot routes like they wont be bothering you
in the duel rooms, if its all right done they would only walk in the hallways and some open places.

Instal: Put the PK3 file into your gamedata/Base folder.