Requiem Sanctuary

By Xenon_7
Date: 03-23-2008





Title : Requiem Sanctuary (The Enclave v2)
Author : Xenon
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File Name : requiem_sanctuary.pk3
File Size : 26.4 MB before zipping
Date Released : February 24, 2007

It is said that the force does not truly claim every person once they die. If the persons
spirit is strong, and some powerful emotion stil ties them to the world, they will become
trapped in a netherworld halfway in between the physical world and the force. Perhaps they
were deeply in love, or refuse to abandon some lifelong friendship. Perhaps a mistake in battle
led to consequences they cannot forgive themselves for. Perhaps anger or revenge at their killer
or their enemies consumes them. The possibilities are endless. It is said only force-sensitive
people are capable of entering this world, and the world itself is created from the collective
memories of the spirits who inhabit it. The spirits themselves have many choices once trapped
in this enclave. Some seek to meditate, to free themselves from their emotions and join with the
force. Others fruitlessly fight with old enemies and relive old battles, hoping that killing
thier opponents will free them. Some seek to hone their bodies with physcial training and their
minds with knowledge. Others just seek to pass the time. Once again, the possibilities
are endless.

Welcome to Requiem Sanctuary.

This map is a large Yavin-style clan map, and like the Enclave before it, I created it
to be useful to all clans, so you will not find a single clan reference in it. I have
considered carefully all the criticism leveled against The Enclave, and my perfectionist
attitude led me to completely rework the map. About half the rooms are new, and very few
old ones made it in without significant changes. The map is also about 1/3-1/2 larger than
The Enclave, and is designed to be able to accomodate multiple clan events simultaneously.
Other improvements include dramatically improved lighting, more functional/rp style rooms,
and more detail/eye candy. I dont think this map will disappoint anyone who enjoys playing
on Yavin clan maps, whether they like large battles, dueling, rp, training, or anything
else. Although Yavin clan maps have been done to death, I do think my style is different
enough that I am bringing something new to the table. I dedicate this map to my clan, {TO}
(The Order), and to all the people of my former clan, =ESS= (Elite Sith Saberists).

This map includes:
- A dueling wing with 3 separate duel rooms around a hub room (all are new but the lava duel)
- A new main yard for just hanging out or ffaing
- A large landing area with an ancient ziggurat and a control tower, for rp or gun fighting
- A training wing with an atrium hub room, a new training room with black/white duel rooms,
a classroom, a dojo, a new spawn room with 5 spawns, a training lounge, and a harder pillar room
- A clan wing with a grand hall, a council room, a prison, a medical room, a library, and a bar
- One secret

Install: Unzip the *.pk3 file into your GAMEDATA/BASE folder

None as far as I know. If you're having a strange error where saber locks cause the map to crash,
email me.

No, this map doesn't have bot support because I still cant seem to get it to work. Still,
I have alot of spawns in the bot room for people to mess around with.

On a more positive note, enjoy the map!

Additional Credits:
It would be a lie to say this project is entirely my own. Heres all the people who played some
role in making this dream a reality:

Tobias for providing constant help and advice throughout the whole project, and for compiling the
final version. Without him this project would never have seen the light of day.

Angelmapper for making the wonderful skyportal.

Isla for compiling the alpha.

Pandamonium for building the lava duel room (This room is the same from v1, with a few
fixed errors).

Kykyllika for making the dojo (specifically for this project).

Darth Norman for his textures and shaders from arevass. The map wouldn't look half
as good without them.

Hirato for his spaceship prefab.

Tom for allowing me to use his archives shader from Jedi Temple in my library.

DDROM for his flower shaders.

Iniatha for the chairs and table in the library.

Twarbringer for some inspiration on the bar area, including the light pillars and scrolling

Shadow Stone for textures.

Virtue for textures and music, and for setting the bar so high.

The clan {TO} (The Order) for testing.

Croteam for inspiration on the temple elevations in the main yard.