STAR WARS Episode 7 - Coruscant Zoo

By Double W Jedi
Date: 03-21-2008




Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy-Episode 7 Map

Title: Star Wars Episode 7-Coruscant Zoo
Author: Double W Jedi

File Name: episode7_zoo.pk3

Well this is the first map that I have ever released, so right now I'm a newb. I'm a huge star wars fan, and I am looking forward to the upcoming sequals. When I'm at home a kept trying to think of what map to build, because so many were taking. Than Episode 7 came to my mind, and I thought, "How bout an Episode 7 Map". So if any of you have read the Episode 7 scripts from, there is a scene where Ben SkyWalker and Anakin Solo chase Asp into the Coruscant Zoo, so I thought it would be nice to build a map based on that Location. There are all kinds of zoo cages with rancors, wampas, howlers, and I also thought it would be funny to add some Tusken Raiders to the map, with they're tents inside a zoo cage. There are also a couple of lava pits, and I thought that would be a fun place for a duel. There's also a big pool with an audiance stands infront of it. Up on the second level we have a bar with a bunch of tables, incase anybody needs a refreshment. I also included Ben and Anakin's parked swoop bikes.

Please don't be to disapointed with the textureing. I had a bunch of new textures ready for use,

but for some reason it wouldn't let me use them. So if I ever find a way to be able to use them,

than I will release a second version of this map.

Map information:

Bot support: No
New Textures: No
New Music: No

Game types:


Just put the pk3 file into your base folder.

If you want to make a second version of this map, please contact me. Or If you know how to be

able to use new textures in the game. Then please let me know so that way I can make a new