Clan Atlantis Map II

By Jawateer #2
Date: 01-06-2008




Clan Ätlantis Map II, by <|CÄ|>Congo|CM|

*Title: Clan Atlantis Map II
*Author: Jawateer #2 (known as Congo in CÄ)
*Website: and

*Filename: ClanAtlantisMapV2Congo (map name is atlanteantemple if you want to devmap it or w/e)
*Filesize: 11.4 megabytes
*Counts: 1817 Brushes, 385 Entities
*Date Released: Released to JK3 Files December 25th, 2007, Christmas Day as a gift to my clan.
*Build Time: On and off for three months, began September 9th.
*Important Note: This map was built with Lugormod in mind. This means that since it would see most of its usage online that
there would be no need for bot support, but I included a few weapon spawns anyways. Also, Entity usage was kept at a low
because Lugormod requires entities like a ravenous monster; lol. Also some features cannot be fully experienced without
lugormod on this map, for example the Forceball Arena is not completely functional without Lugormod. (No Forceball in base

GameTypes: FFA
New Textures: Yes!
New Sound: Music Yes, Other Sounds no.
New Models: Yes, Inyri's.
Bot Support: No, Not needed for the map's lugormod purpose anyways.
New Ideas: Plenty :D
Secrets: A couple.

*Credits: I would first like to give credit to Rich Deisal for his great mapping university, without that I would never have
been able to have gotten this far, nor would countless mappers before me. I would like to thank all the members of Clan
Ätlantis for their support, comments, suggestions and help for this map. I would like to especially thank Wizard, Drayn,
and Stefan for motivation and help with some of the elements of GTK. I want to thank DarthJedi, a CÄ Member, for making
such a beautiful levelshot. I would like to thank Szico VII for releasing the BlueIce Twilight Source Files, from which I
was able to learn alot about bevels and such which I was able to put into use in this map. (I did not port anything btw!),
And John Williams for composing the music :D

I would particularly like to thank Inyri Forge for her wonderful modeling skills which she so kindly decided to share with
the rest of the mapping community. Examples of her work can be found in this map, such as the Pine Trees and Rock for the
Saber in the Stone. I have included readme's for these as well, along with the links to them, as asked.

*To Install: Just unzip the pk3 into your base file.

*Description: This is my second released map. The prior was of course, Clan Ätlantis Map I. I'm not for sure that this could
truely be called a V2, seeing that almost none of the original map is present in this map (Complete Overhall LOL), and that
the map looks nothing like the version 1.
The map has a slightly unique theme to it. I'm not completly for sure as how to describe it. Antiquity mixed with Crystals,
Pine,and JK3 maybe?

The map has alot of features in it. The foyer (spawn) has a bar (Once again this does not become 100% functional without
lugormod, where you can actually have drinks and stuff), complete with a fireplace, bottles, chairs, etc. There is also
quick access to a cool FFA room, made from the imperial shield texture. The map also features a cavern, functioning jail,
multiple courtyards, a saber in the stone, hidden underground base with stuff like a throne room, barracks, reflection pool,
cemetery, Forceball Arena, council room,house (Furniture and Deed buyable in Lugormod.), and FFA room near the foyer.
Theres some more stuff too! Be sure to use your enter key every now and then, you might find something hidden!

*:D Easter Eggs: I can remember someone, I think Averus, saying that he hated clan maps as where they were always filled with
inside jokes and the clan's logo plastered on everything, including the dog. (You'll only find the logo in one place btw).
Well, I'll try to explain a few of these.

Scripting DVD: Location: Jail. A member of the Tidal Lugormod community, Slaxer, is notorious for using a nooby script
to fight. He denies this, but it is evident with his superhuman saber spam. So, as a joke in one of the jail cells, which I
admit is an odd place to put it, is a DVD called "Scripting with Slaxer!" With references to spamming Desann and Tavion
saber styles, along with force spammage.

Spilled Latte: Location: Statue, near the saber in the stone. A mandalorian by the name of Darklord, commonly refered to
as "Latte" has a fascination with these addictive drinks, and even more of spilling them. He goes around saying to people
"AHHH YOU SPILT MY LATTE LOLOL!!". So, in homage to this good friend I have place a permanetly spilled latte in the map.

Tidal Bot Notice: Location: Jail, beside of desk. A long time ago on Tidal Lugormod admins would give a bot, "Tidal Bot"
a jetpack and invincibility, along with a cloak and a rocket launcher with 999 ammo and sick him on the people in the server.
It was a hilarious scene, but alas it got on some people's nerves (Not Mine, I always gave him the Jetpack LOL.), so,
a notice has been posted in the jail/admin center, nothing more than a laugh though.

*Secrets: Well, in order to keep them secret I can't really tell them in the readme, but they're not that hard to find.
There's only three, one is easy, one is medium, and one is actually hard.

Easy: It's not that hard. If you've ever read a book or watched a movie you'd want to recreate the movie scene.
I even added a hint block to push you along. You may find more than what you expected though.
Also, you need to find this secret in order to be able to even attempt the hard one.

Medium: Once again, if you've ever watched a movie such as Alcatraz you'd want to do this. Half of this is easy, the other
half requires just a bit of looking. You'd likely to not have a weapon where this is, so try this like you did the first
secret. Then, the rest should be in sight.

Hard: This requires that you have found the Easy Secret. This is a secret escape route, so think of where the last defence
would be. Figuring out how to trigger this is difficult, even if you have seen the secret with noclip. Just trust the king's
right hand. ;D

*Who did what:
Congo: Architecture, most textures, and about everything else.
Inyri Forge: Supplying grade A models to use in the map.
Rich Deisal: Teaching me how to map.
Stefan Triller: Helping me with a few things like skyboxes.
DarthJedi (RCB, CÄ): LevelShot

*Bugs: None known. I've spent hours doing bug searches. The only think I can find is that by standing at the tops of a few
windows you may be able to see other parts of the map. I tried to fix this the best I could, but some light still leaks out.
Oh, and something is just a bit above the ground, but it took me three months of bug searching and beta testing to notice,
so no biggy :D

And that's about it. Contact me at
I'm Congo. For the Jawateers !!!

Thanks for downloading! Come to Tidal Lugormod to see this map in action!