Serenity - Firefly

By Spineless
Date: 10-31-2007




[Serenity: FireFly]
By Spineless

This is my first release in roughly three years, and is one of many to come. It is really
a teaser/intro map for the rest of my Serenity/FireFly-themed projects.


- serenity_rp.pk3
- serenity_rp.txt


Use a .zip extractor (WinZip/WinRAR) to extract the files into your base folder.

[Directory Drive]\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base

(Map Info:)

- New Textures: Yes
- New Shaders: Yes
- New Music: Yes
- New Models: Yes
- Bot Support: Yes
- BETA Tested: Yes
- Game Modes: FFA

- Total Brushes: 7748
- Total Entities: 1120
- Build Time: 1 Week
- Compile Time: 15 Minutes


A small sized role-playing/explore-type map. Includes the spaceship 'Serenity' from the
TV-series 'FireFly' and the 2005 film of the same name. A planet, complete with orbiting asteroids are also featured.


Aplogies for the large .zip file size; the .bsp turned out to be bigger than expected. The
size of the planet's textures, shaders and .ase file didn't help much either. I figure if
you're a big enough fan of the series/film, you'll spare the extra bandwidth anyway.

Hard-core fans will realise that some areas seen in the tv-series and film is missing:
(the crew and passenger quarters). This wasn't intentional, I found the online blueprint
and scale model replica late into the process, I was working with movie stills up until
then and consequently had to make some compromises.

Also note that some areas of the ship are hard to get around, (mainly because it's a trade
freighter rather than a luxury cruiser, giving me less room to work with.) Try walking
(rather than running) through the doors/small passageways; that way, you'll get stuck less
often. I have included bot-support but don't be suprised if they get stuck too, they aren't as clever as we all wish them to be.

This map has been tested on a Pentium 4 with 2.99 GHZ, 1.50GB of RAM and a NVIDIA FX5200
128MB GFX Card, and another Pentium 4 with significantly lower specs. Due to the high-poly
nature of the map, I recommend using a PC with similar or higher specs to avoid lag
spikes. I have included the source .map file if it is of any use to anybody. You may copy any parts of the map as long as you credit me somewhere in the readme and ask permission
first. (For email addresses see the footnote.)


There are two secrets in the map; both accessible from the cargo bay. If you are having
trouble finding them, load up the .map file in the 'source' folder of the .pk3.


If you look at 90' away from the planet (but with the planet still in view) the
outer-planetary glow shader appears to go through the planet.

Once in the medical bay looking back at the (open) entrance doors, they seem to go through
the medical bay door-frame. Arg!


This level is not made, distributed, or supported by LucasArts Entertainment Company.
Elements TM & (C) LucasArts Entertainment Company.

The music was composed by David Newman and produced in the Serenity (2005) Official
Soundtrack Compact Disc. I claim no ownership to these files; all credit goes to original

Most of the custom textures and shaders have been written or created by myself. A few
exceptions (e.g. the Serenity Logo) are appropriable to other authors. Again, I claim no
ownership to these files; all credit goes to the original authors.

(Thanks To:)

Marro, ReVa, Alien and Seij and Predator for BETA testing.

The Order of Jedi Knights clan for supporting me throughout the project.

Isla Kamamee for general shader help and for spending nearly a day trying to convert an
.ase into an .md3... (:p)


If you need any help, want to inquire about any techniques I�ve used, or would like to
import the ship into another Serenity or Firefly themed map, then email me via my website:

I'll be glad to help.

~ Spineless