Naboo Lake Retreat (Final)

Date: 06-24-2007
Version: Final




Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE**: Naboo lake retreat
Xfire: ddrom
Or contact me via jk3 files.

FILENAME: Naboo_lake_retreat_final.pk3
FILESIZE: 24MB zipped 27 mb unzipped
DATE RELEASED: 08 May 2007

Thx to one of the greatest map makers "Lindsey " For his Theed streets textures,
and allowing me to use them, in this map.
Also thanks to "Shadow Stone" for some of his Jedi home2 textures.
The Jedi home maps are very beautiful and absolutley perfect for RPG
I have applied for permission to use any and all non ja textures in this map.
If you wish to use any of the non ja textures in this map,
please contact me before doing so, and I will point you in the right direction as to who originally made the texture, or if it is one of my originals you can have permission for them no problems.
Also thanks to Darth Norman for his tutorials ,
in particular for the Rainbow tutorial,
which even though simple to make is very effective in game.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Simply place Naboo_lake_retreat_final Pk3 into your base folder.


A map 'very loosley' based on the Naboo lake retreat,
it is not meant to be a copy of the movie ,
in any way but mereley a creation of my imagination.

This map is a mix of experiments, new things ive tried,
well new to me any way, .....

Build time : was approx, 6 months for this map,
due mostly to the experimentation conducted during construction.

The exterior bodies of water have been deliberatley left clear,
this is so it does not detract from the appearance of the skybox water.
this was the most visually appealing way to acheive continuity.

Fps is about 60-90 without video synch and at 800/600 res.
some areas may be lower, on lower end pcs,
this is,
Due to the detail, and the high model content,particularly the trees.
I would of loved to of continued with more detail in this map, but
as usual it is a compromise between detail and playability,
Due to the large open areas and large visibility,
which i refused to block because of the effect required fps has indeed suffered a little.
I did not want the map boxed, into small boxes with limited visibility.
WE wanted to be able to acess all areas stand on the tallest spire and etc .

Even all the windows look out into the real map not just a piece of skybox.

This map was not intended to ever be a high fps action ffa map,
it is all about visuals instead.
because of the large areas optimization is very hard to implement.

I would recomend at least a 256mb nvdia based card or higher,
and at least 1gb ram and a 3000 or higher cpu.
The map is mainly designed for RPG,
but ffa play is reasonably comfortable and playable as well.

If you want high fps play tatooine city,
in the standard map releases,
this is not the map for you.........

COMMENTS: I must say thanks,
To Lindsey for Creating his map Theed Streets,
which gave me the inspiration to create "lake retreat"
I hope you all enjoy this file as much as ,
i enjoyed making it.

Thanks also: I would also like to thank all My Clan members
for the beta testing they have done on this map,
Also for their ideas, input and support they have all given me.
A special Thanks to Endy for his help With Radiant, and to "Athena" for her ideas, input and patience,
Also to Neal,Shadow,Pres Skroob, Revan,Sith Yoda and Vo for,and any one else who came to test the map,
for their constant help in beta testing.

Bott support:
Bott support is included but made to function only,
in the duel and spawn areas,
as to not interefere with the rest of the map.

I would like to dedicate all the flowers and gardens,
in this map to "Hope and Athena" for their encouragement during the making of this map.

Secrets: Yes i guess there are a couple of secrets,
There is an an underground cavern full of weapons ,
guarded by monsters to find.

Also there is a not so obvious teleporter that takes you to a dining room for 2.
and dont forget to explore the upper rooms, theres stuff to see up there as well.

An npc reborn spawner for duel practice is included as well.

A few hidden weapons scattered around too, so look every where.

Well Enjoy...
Regards DDROM.