City in Teh Sky (beta)

By Isla Kamamee
Date: 04-30-2007
Version: beta




City in Teh Sky, aka Cloud City
Isla Kamamee
April 29, 2007

THis is a BETA. This means not finished. Please pay attention to this. The map is untextured
(aside from the glass and other shaders.) and still has bugs, plus has not been optimized yet.
If you find any big bugs, aside from optimisation and restrictions (not being there. I have
not put any invisible walls in yet, meaning you can get to places that would normally be closed
off until you find the path to there. Please just take the normal route, and don't jump off the
second floating platform at the beginning. When you fall down the really big glass tube, just
kill yourself, as that would be the warp to the next level at teh bottom. Which I haven't
started yet) THis draws inspiration off of the Twilight Princess dungeon City in the Sky.
But only so much. Please email any large bugs or little blips to
or Thank You to anyone who does this.

Unzip the pk3 unto the base folder of heavenly goodness!!! AKA, unzip the pk3 into the JK3JA
base folder.

Awesome Music Credits
Koji Kondo, City in the Sky, Twilight Princess OST

Inspiration Credits
Scott Warner, for some ideas when this was just beginning.

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