Tatooine Town (v1)

By Oblivion (AKA Guard, Avenger, and Bones)
Date: 01-13-2007
Version: v1




Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Tatooine Town
AUTHOR: Oblivion (AKA Guard, Avenger, and Bones)
E-MAIL: Jake12212221@yahoo.com
Xfire: Jake12212221

FILENAME: Tatooine Town v1.pk3
FILESIZE: 10,509 kb
DATE RELEASED: December 24th 2006

{HrC} Clan for all of the support they gave me
Alyss for making me custom textures
Endy for helping me learn to map
DDROM for helping me learn to map

appliances folder from DDROM
jedihome2 folder from jedi's home jl 2 author, didn't respond to my email.
JediHome_II folder from Jedi's Home JL 2 author, didn't respond to my email.
Posters folder made by me, and alyss
Yavin folder i don't know, but you need to have it to see some of the things in my map.


Simple Instructions: Put pk3 file into base

Exact instructions:

You do not NEED winRAR or winZIP to install a pk3, although it can make it easier.

With winZIP/winRAR - Open in either of these programs. Click the Extract button near the top. You extract it to: C:\Program files\lucasarts\star wars jedi knight jedi academy\gamedata\base

Without winZIP/winRAR - Open (should be a folder). Keep it up, and go to start menu, and select run. You will run this: C:\Program files\lucasarts\star wars jedi knight jedi academy\gamedata\base.
Drag the PK3 File into a white part of your base folder. (the pk3 file is named Tatooine Town v1
It should work now. :D


BUGS: A stair in the trap area lets you see the void, i have no idea why this happens. There is no lighting (You can still see perfectly). This will be added in a v2 if i do one.

COMMENTS: This is my first map, so please don't be to hard on me in the review, or comments.

For JA+, admins, /devmapall 0 tattown
To play with Cheats, /devmapall tattown
To play on a base JKA server, /rcon map tattown

Those are the only mods i know what to put for. It shows up in the vote menu as Tatooine Town in white letters.


Spawn - You spawn in an area that is basically a big box, find the switch on the wall.
Main - 6 buildings, a bar, 2 small rooms that have teleporters, a tower, the spawn building, and a way to get to the jail
Room #1 (All the way on left and close to spawn) - Korriban room, has lava and a few statues
Room #2 (To the right of room #1) - Bedroom, Look up and there is a vent. You can open this vent, and you will be in an armory.
Room #3 (To the Right of room #2) - Rocker room, has posters on walls. Has a TV, a PC, a table, etc.
Room #4 (Close to back wall, right behind Room #1) - Hotel Room i guess, has a kitchen, a bed, a laptop on bedside table, etc.
Room #5 (To the right of room #4) - Council Room, Has a bunch of chairs, and a council room that is held off of the ground. It can be locked by a switch inside, it creates a fake door.)
Room #6 (To the right of room #5) - For Sale House, painted white, with a "For Sale" Sign outside.
Bar (To the right of spawn) - Has a bar, and seats in it. Tables, etc. Has a Kitchen, with a big refrigerator (HINT: It can be opened, hehe)
Tower - A sniper tower, it has a view of the main area. It is lockable by a force field. You can not walk through the opening where you can see through, it has something called "clip" on it, Only admins can walk through it with Ghost, noclip, or teleport, depending on what mod the server is running.
Small Room #1 (Closer to tower) - Has a teleporter to a Duel Area. Is to the right of tower.
Small Room #2 (Further then tower) - Has a teleporter to a yavin area. Is to the right of the tower.
Duel Area - 3 Levels, two are the landing pads on Taspir, the last is a floor, and two rings that cover the whole thing. There is a box in one corner, it can be opened, that is how you get back.
Yavin Area - A waterfall, and yavin-based room. Go up waterfall, in a back corner there is a cave that goes back to the main area.
Jail - Located at the backwall of main area. Find the vent, use it (like a door) and drop down. Two cells, and a door to take you back.
Other way to get to Jail - Go into kitchen in bar, Get on top of the glass cabinet with bottles inside.
Admin Area - Find the crate in the back corner of the bottom floor of the bar. This will open the cabinet of bottles behind the bar. Walk into it, you will be in an admin area. There should be a Door like the one in spawn. This takes you back, stay away from it for now. There should also be a wooden door. Walk through this. (The reason the other was there is because this can be locked) There are 4 teleporters in the admin area. There is also one switch that will lock the admin area with clip, like used in the tower, an admin can walk through this, but it can't be seen. There is a door made of bottles, this takes you back to spawn.
Trap Area - Go into the hotel room, there should be a big box at the end of a table, open it and roll into it.
Guide through Trap - There will be three things keeping you from getting into the trap area, a warning. One is a force field, another is a spiked gate. The last is a concrete slab. All can be opened with switches nearby.
Do not read beyond this point if you want to be challenged by the trap area!!

Now that you are beyond the three warnings, Ignore the maze that is straight ahead, look for two corridoors, Walk through the left one and die. The right one, just stay away from the spikes.
Turn right, and you will see a sort of hopscotch thing. You can sort of walk across it, watch out for the duller one, this kills you, jump over it. STAY OFF THE WALLS.
Jump to the hallway on the right, turn right again.
There are two pools, the one with water is actually lava, the one with lava is actually water. Go into the one with lava, and go down.
Go up the stairs, and to the jump pad at the end, there is a door. Walk through it, just stay out of the others.
The left door - Instant Death
The middle Door- a warning message
The right door - Teleports you into a torture chamber ;)
Go to the left wall, there is a lightsaber there. Press use, and it opens :D
Go straight, and when there is an opening right. There is the jail, it has glass on one side, one way glass, you can see them they cant see you (them being whoever fell into the jail.)
Left Switch - Makes lava come up to them
Middle Switch - Opens a back door, where a rancor is hiding. Eaten.
Right Switch - Lets them out.
Turn around, there should be a glass door, and a jumppad. Go up the jumppad
Find the two slices, where there are two openings. Go through NEITHER. Get on the edge, and press enter on the middle block, a door.
STOP THERE. Go to your right until you see some ammo.
STAY AGAINST THE WALL, and walk to the right. There is a small room locked with bars, some are broken off. You can fit through. There is a teleporter with the main door texture on it. You completed the trap. :D