Red Rebel's Arena (v2)

By Red Rebel
Date: 08-30-2006
Version: v2




Red Rebel's Arena (Version 2)


Another day (or two) of boredom, another map. Got home from a somewhat long day of work, and starting mapping. This is what came out. There is a secret area in this map, but beware, the price for learning this secret is death.

Time to complete: Around... 12 hours? I didn't time it but it took about two nights of tinkering in my spare time, and an hour or two of tweaking a few days after (I'm lazy so never got around to fixing the bugs until later)


Mapping: Red Rebel
Textures: Red Rebel, Raven
Shaders: Red Rebel, Rich Diesal's tutorials

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There is no levelshot. I don't care. I haven't touched this in a few weeks and am ready to have it released and off my computer.

Also, bots like to stay on lower floor. But like I said, I'm sick of messing with this =P Bite me.

FFF.... in my heart.... you'll always be GF.

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