FFA Bespin

By Adnan_Sahin
Date: 08-29-2006




Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE**: Adnan_Sahin_FFA_Bespin.pk3
AUTHOR**: Ravensoft
E-MAIL**: family@sydnet.net
WEBSITE: dont have any

FILENAME: Adnan_Sahin_FFA_Bespin.pk3
FILESIZE: 3.5 mb
DATE RELEASED: 22 August 2006

CREDITS**: Ill take the credit for fixing the last part, but ravensoft gets the credit for making a pure nice map

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Copy in your base folder and it should work

DESCRIPTION**: There is red lights under the platform and blue lights on the tower now

BUGS: shouldnt be any now.

have a nice day all