Battle of the Bowl

By Jenova*Rebirth*
Date: 06-10-2006




Battle of the Bowl by Jenova*Rebirth*

Installation :-

Place the botb_jr.pk3 in your game data/base fodler

Info :-
New music : Yes
New textures : yes


This map was going to become a huge house with
lots of vehicles and weapons and so on but I just did not
feel like workign on this any more so I finnished off
the bathroom and added a few swoops, lots of jetpacks
and weapons, x-wings and tie-fighters and packaged it.

This was sat on my pc for along time without beign
finnished and since I don't really wnat to I just
compiled it as a bathroom and well you will eitehr like it
or not.

To get onto the sponges in the water simply swim to the
flat side of one and the invisable ramp will let u run out.

Enter the toilette, sink hole and shower drain to be
teleported to different area's of the map.

I did not include bot routes simply because they would
be useless on this map


This was just a project from long ago I made into a
playable state and released it because I never felt like
finnishing the entire thing.

As it stands it should prove quite fun for an all out war.


Jenova*Rebirth* AKA Yaroze