Twilight Manor (Evolution Academy 2)

By Jenova*Rebirth*
Date: 04-18-2006
Version: Evolution Academy 2




Twilight Manor - Evolution Academy 2 - by Jenova*Rebirth* AKA Yaroze



New music: Yes
New textures: Yes
New models: Yes
New sounds: Yes
new shaders: yes
Build time: 3 - 4 months
Compile time: 27 minutes
Total Brushes: 31,059
Net Brush Count: 8763
Total Entities: 1824

Installation notes:

Place the tmevoacad2_jr.pk3 into your game data/base folder.



This map is the sequel to a map I made along time ago, It had
alot of fun features and things to do with good rpg elements.
Unfortunately its visual apeal was not very great nor was
its flow between areas.

Evolution Academy 2 has more than the original and most of
the originals features but packaged into a new theme with more
visual appeal, near perfect fps and a few good secrets to find.


Duel Rooms:

We have 2 duel rooms, one with a balcony for people to watch
and one on the second floor with a little more space.


The prison has made a return but this time its style is alot
different and appealing in its setting, the same set up as
in Evolution Academy is here only a little more pleasing.
The electric chair is no longer here but instead you have
a crusher which slowely moves to the wall with a window for
people to watch.


The npc combat area is back but with only 3 npc reborns
to spawn this time, no more 3000 health reborns lagging
up servers, just 3 reborns all with a different saber style
and just 500 health.


Vehicular destruction in a jungle setting, there is a a switch
either side of the bunkers to spawn an AT-ST and a swoop.
Bunkers carry 3 emplaced guns each and the platform high above
allows spawns of a tie fighter and x-wing.


The garden is back, the mushroom house is back bigger and
better, the dueling pad is back but no tree house this time
instead you have a little stone castle to play with.


Council room is back with a door lock like last time for
pivacy and comfyer seating.

Swimming pool:

This time around I have added a swimming pool for you to enjoy
with a curved base to add a little bit more atmosphere.

Art Gallery:

The art gallery houses 4 pictures of the map being made and
3 pictures of models made especially for this map.

Combat area:

There is a combat area in the art gallery which is set in
a muddy wet small jungle area with a bunker to pick off targets
and some hidden underground tunnels but beware the stream
floods some areas down there and its your only route out.


I have added a games room in the art gallery which contains
a less fps heavy bouncy castle.
A small pinball rink of sorts and an underground maze which
is alot tougher than the last one which was too easy.


The rancor dueling area is back but out side in a jungle,
the rancor is caged between 4 gaurd towers and some stone
fencing. The gaurd towers contain emplaced guns for your
pleasure if you wish to take the easy route out of killing
the rancor.


The bar is back with alot more ambience, the dance floor
is back but less in your face, the private rooms are back and
it also houses access to the admin room which is directly
above the bar. Once in the admin room you can lock the
exntrance door so no unauthorised people can lock down
area's of the map.


There is a boxing ring which looks alot better than
the originals, and now features a cage for cage matches also.

Admin Room:

This area is for admins to control where players can go
when they are not around, i.e locking down the NPC spawn rooms
so the server cannot be flooded and crashed whilst no one is
around to control the NPC amount.

Each area has a camera for admins to view what is happening
in that area at any time. Next to these are the buttosn which
lock the rooms the camera's are showing. When the camera room
has red lighting it means that its locked down.

Lockable rooms:

Duel area 1 + 2
Vehicle Area
Art Galery
Swimming pool
Rancor Area
Admin Room

The rest are free for players to roam around in.



There are 3 secret area's to find... they are as follows...

A japanese dojo to duel in, similar to the original
Evolution Academy but much more visually appealing.

A secret combat area which is bigger and better than the
normal one on offer at the start.

A secret dueling area on top of huge mushrooms to practice
your dueling in precarious places.

There are 2 secrets which you can see easily, 1 is visable
in the npc room in a glass cage and one in the council room
behind a glass panel (council room can have a cover come over
the glass panel to stop nosey people seeing in)

To reach them you must find secret passages yourself,
The one visable from the council room is a timed,
if you dont make it back to the entrance before the door
closes your locked in there to rot.


If you wish to view areas in the admin room close the
doors to the other camera's close by or they will start
to conflict with each and either show the same room or
nothing at all.


This map was worked on at the same time as doomed so
thats why the next release is so soon.


Thank you to Hapslash for making me the custom models used in
this map and working closely with me to get them just the way
I wanted them to be and helping with some image editing.


Have fun....

Jenova*Rebirth* AKA Yaroze