By Jenova*Rebirth*
Date: 04-14-2006




Doomed by Jenova*Rebirth* AKA Yaroze



Please don't touch on any one time events that happen
as this may spoil the map for people. anything else
you can comment on as usual. Also thank you in advanced.


New music: Yes
New textures: Yes
New models: Yes
New sounds: Yes
Build time: 3 - 4 months
Compile time: 9 minutes

Installation notes:

Place the Doomed_jr.pk3 into your game data/base folder.


This map is losely based off Doom 3 (not the movie) and
so it has a dark feel to it, some area's are well lit
and some are dimly lit.

There are quite a few things that happen only once
during play of the map so I advise you to explore this
map alone before you take it online with others as you
will most likely miss some of the events that happen.

During play some events occur several times so they
are not as important.

I have added quite a few things to this map which took
a lot of planning and thought to perfect.

There is a train which carries you over the martian
terrain to anouther section of the installation, the
train doors open as it aproaches and closes behind you.

I have added a bump mapping technique although not
exactly bump mapping it does emulate it to a certain
extent. This will hit fps ever so slightly but not to much.

You may come accross paper laying around or pinned to a wall,
if you face it and press your use key you can read the letter.

This map does have new music although once someone spawns
into the game the music is turned off, this is because the
map relies heavily on atmosphere.

I did try to add area's that would scare you when you least
expect it but how that has worked I don't know, you will have
to tell me. Hopefully at least one thing made you jump even a
tiny little bit.

You may enter teleporters which will take you to different
sections of the map. One of these also takes you into hell

There is a secret teleporter in the main area somewhere
that will teleport you to the teleportation labs so you
don't have to constantly call for the train and ride it
back accross.

There is also a secret duct which allows access to the
gas filled room before it has been vented but beware you
will only find death.


Even after the gas filled room as been vented some objects
still remain colored as if they were still surrounded by the

When not being ridden by someone, the doors for the train
will not open and close so the train passes through the solid
doors. I can not think of any way to make them work without
the train being ridden, but when you are aboard the train they
will act as normal.

The pipes on the floor of the outside terrain as you ride the
train sometimes display Z-Fighting. This does not occur on
every pipe and they have been built exactly the same, I cannot
figure out why some of them do this, although I did try hard
to find a way to fix this.


I have enclosed into the zip file a bump mapping tutorial for
anyone who wishes to try this out. Although not bump mapping
really, it does act like it. This technique is for
experienced mappers only. you may try it if you wish but it
may prove difficult to do effectively if you are not to
familiar with the engine yet.


There is one secret, well sort of a secret, its simply a 5th
letter you may read if you find it which refers to the original
doom game. You may search for it if you like.

The only other secret really is the duct into the gas filled
room before its been vented.


I hope you enjoy this map, I did work hard to get this to work
how i intended it to be.


Thank you to Hapslash for making me the custom models used in
this map and working closely with me to get them just the way
I wanted them to be.... :)


Expect a follow up map to this based exclusivly in hell.
I don't know when this will be released but im hoping to pull
out all the stops on it and make it a truely evil place to


Have fun....

Jenova*Rebirth* AKA Yaroze