Laser Tag

By Jonny2199
Date: 04-10-2006




Star Wars: Jedi Academy
Title: Laser Tag
Author: Jonny2199

Filename: laser_tag.pk3
Filesize: 3.1mb approx

Installation Instructions: Put the .pk3s in your Gamedata\Base folder

Description: This is my second map. I remembered to put textures in this time, so it should be better. This is LOOSELY based on a laser-tag game I played while on holiday in America. I say "loosely" because the only things I took from the place were the idea to have 3 stories and the metal coated stairs. On the ground floor there's a lot of tunnels and also a few raised up platforms (to fight on?). One floor up, there's a dueling section (clearly marked with colours incase anyone gets bored and wants to do the boxing thing "In the red corner..."etc). Finally, on the top floor, there's a pistol shootout, with boxes and walls to hide behind.

Bugs: I couldn't get the music to work... But i DID find a solution. In the second .pk3, there's music and a .CFG file. In the console, type 'exec mus' without the quotation marks to activate, then press the UP ARROW on the keyboard. Simple.

NOTE: This will work on any map, not just this one. I put it in 2 .pk3s incase you like the music but not the map :)

Comments: All custom textures, made on MSPaint or found on Google :P they don't look THAT bad...