Destructive Forc3 Arena

By dF Management
Date: 11-12-2005




/// dFArena ///
/// ///
///Author: dF Management ///
///Creater's: St3a1th, leia ///
///Email: ///
///Map Name: [dF]Arena ///
///File Size: ///
///Development Time: 3 WEEKS ///
///Website: ///
///Release Date: 18/10/05 ///

How to Install:

To install this file you can use the following method

Extract this file to your base directory normally C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base .

This map has been designed to give you a better fps and ping on servers. It has been set up like a castle and has several duelling area's that can be shut off to keep duels private. It also has npc spawning rooms but has a limit to how many npc's can be spawned at one time
in order to reduce lag and prevent server from crashing. This map is ideal for FFA, Training, and TFFA game types. It also has many features
added to the map to make it that more enjoyable. With dueling area gadgets never seen before, this map is versatile and is fun for all to play.
It also has an admin area to lock of points in the map and lock our area's to make it easier for admin's.

admin room: -1920 20152 24616 0

Special Thanks To: - for resources
Virtue: - for help and support
trupman: Academy Student
DF Members: - For support and help with this map



This map has been tried and tested and has shown to be working. It has also shown to be virus free.
Destructive forc3 raven and Lucas arts are not responsible for use of this map and any damage it may cause (although it has been tested and shown to be ok)