The SPJ Fortress

By Yangyan
Date: 10-24-2005





Title : The SPJ Fortress
Author : {SPJ}Loach aka yangyan aka hylian_loach aka yycdestroyer
E-Mail :
Website : Clan website:

File Name : spjfortress.pk3
File Size : 16,900,272 bytes (16.9 MB)
Date Released : 18 October 2005
Making time : Like a few weeks. I took some days off, so that doesnt really count.
Compile Time : I was asleep and I did bounce 8, and one bounce took about 30 minutes. So I would estimate it to be around 2 hours

Gametypes: FFA + anything similar to FFA (TFFA, HFFA, JM, whatever)
Description: I believe that this is the first map to contain a really high tower with an interior where you can jump off? rofl i jumped off and i had 4 hp left. like omg. How many people can survive a 1km fall? Anywayz, the map isnt that big, but its good enuf for a clan map, like I really can't fit anything else into the tower because of something about Vis data size too big. I swear, i made almost 90% of brushes detail, i don't have the solid spawnflag on models on, so i guess it must be some random thing. Btw, i might have rushed some areas cause some of my clan was bugging me for the map heh.

New Music: Some random thing. Clan leader sent me some music, except i really didn't think some love song would fit into the atmosphere so thats why i didn't use it. Instead i found some random thing on the net and it sort of sounded weird and strange and hairy, so i used it
New Textures: Yeah, pictures of clan members, lava shader and some really not-so-good textures that I ruined from JK2 + random bits i found off the net, but looked pretty good, and some models, although that should really be in "New models". And i seem to remember finding a gloss texture somewhere, all my pk3 files are like crammed into one pk3 to make it easier to manage heh. But it can be really troubling when you want to edit textures, u have to make sure you dont use any unknown ones.
Botroutes: Yeah, but pretty crap ones. Like bots cant really use lifts so I just did a circle

How to install: Shove the spjfortress.pk3 into /JediAcademyFolder/gamedata/base

*bed time* Story:
Hahaha... i figured i might as well write one because im bored like hell. (idea from jedi's home jl)
The tower of isengard was wrecked, the strength of will (or magic) that was keeping it running was shattered by none other than {SPJ}Chrono(L), leader of the siege division. A tower of hard stone was carved from the very bones of the earth, and turrets were set on the crumbling wall, and reinforced using {SPJ}Starman(L) grade willpower, leader of the JKA division. Many many years (weeks) had gone into building the fortress for SPJ, and finally was complete. TIE's and the Deathstar v5 broke upon the defences like waves on the shore, except the deathstar v5 made a giant crack which is now the lake, and; each day passing by, wearing the stone, but the tower lived on, the foundations maintained and the SPJ's fought to defend it, and thousands died, some were driven back into the crevass of lava, and some were 1337 #4><0r3|) by the lightning stroke of many lightsabers, and hewed, and thrown into the hole of lava.
Finally, when no other dared to assault the fortress of SPJ, they started to construct the interior, and found a rancor inside so they sealed it in some random glass thing, and set up an entertainment area upstairs, a hall to keep track of members, a meeting room, and a medical room, which they find useless, and is now in need of really really heavy *spring cleaning*. Now the story is beginning to suck more than the jedi's home JL story so i think ill stop before I make my clan angry by being a **** (which i am, im extremly stupid compared to nguyen, and if ur reading this, you are smart. hahaha.)

Bugs: Some bits of grass is see through, probably a vis error, I tried fixing it but it didnt work so yeah. Heck its not going to affect gameplay so who cares. If I knew any other bugs, they would be fixed.

Special thanks: To my clan + (omg so many good tutorial links, thank you so much for the _cs key)