Tendron RPG

By Gil_Dagor
Date: 10-06-2005




Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Tendron RPG
AUTHOR: Gil-Dagor
E-MAIL: archekro@yahoo.com

FILENAME: tendron_main.pk3
FILESIZE: 17.0 mb
DATE RELEASED: 9 September 2005

CREDITS: This map uses several non-default vehicles. Credit for them does not go to
me. Manquesa made the Episode 3 Jedi Starfighters (and lovely little
babies they are), and the original Y-wing. I'm not sure who made the
TIE Interceptor but I believe it can be found on PCGameMods somewhere,
probably in connection to one of Darth Zappa's maps. The custom
Jedi Starfighter was made by v3n0m, and can be found here:
http://www.pcgamemods.com/12342/ . I have included the readme that
came with the A-wing and Y-wing.

The streed vehicles were made by Mars Marshall and Light Ninja; I decided
to put those in rather than speeder bikes, since speeders have the
unfortunate tendancy to blow up, causing much alarm to those nearby, not
to mention flattening them. They are also very cool looking, so that's
another good reason! :D I've included the readme for these, although
since I couldn't find the original readme that I'd downloaded, I had to
copy it off of JK2Files.com . . . to which I am now submitting this map!
Symmetry! Thanks for letting me use the Streeds, Marshall. :)

A few of the textures are non-default. These are primarily from one of
Onobi Fondoo's JK2 Maps. 3 of the textures are from the Hotel Coruscant map,
made by . . . hmm, he didn't include a readme. Well, you know who you are. :D
The others were found online at a site with some free textures.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Drag all files ending with .pk3 to your Jedi Academy
base folder. THis is usually found in this path:
C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Gamedata/base.
Make sure, if you already have the original y-wing, to remove it from your
base folder before installing the modified version, otherwise there may be
some conflict.

DESCRIPTION: OK, this map has been in the works since the winter of 2004.
After suffering yet another computer malfunction last week, I decided that
I needed a break from mapping, and so I would release as much of the map
as had been finished, then recuperate before finishing it.

This map was built with roleplaying in mind, and so has no botroutes. As
someone who used to play exclusively offline, I am truly sorry about this
to those of you who like to play with bots. However, the way bot routes
work, I'd probably only be able to route about a quarter of the map, so
there wouldn't be any point in trying anyway. As this was whipped into a
releasable form, some things will not

This map has four regions: a planet, a space station, a space ship, and an asteroid
All portions of the map can be reached by ship. Just head through the red
brackets. Additionally, all sections, including the ship holding position just
off the space station, can be reached using the teleporters in the spawn room.

All turrets can be activated. The external turrets are activated by consoles
that have (surprisingly) a turret on them. I have tried to set it up so
turrets will not fire on vehicles spawned in the ships they belong to
(i.e., station will not fire on station Y-wings), and this appears to
work in all locations.

BUGS: As this was whipped very quickly into a releasable form, some things
will not work properly. One example of this is the bacta tanks in the
hospital, which cannot be enterred. However, more things are, strictly
speaking, missing than not working - that is, they were planned, but
didn't get in the map in time. These will be present in the final version.

The only MAJOR bug is found on the space station. The corridor linking Bay
3 to the central hub has a trick floor, for some reason. DO NOT WALK ON
IT! You will get stuck, and have to kill yourself to spawn again. So, use
the other two landing bays.

COMMENTS: This would not have even been ATTEMPTED, let alone brought
to completion, without the friendly, charming, and utterly stark,
raving mad inhabitants of the former "ForceMod 3 RPG" server, and the
current "RPG Ressurrection" server.

Due to the rush to get this version out, the map was never lit properly.
So, it looks much uglier than it will eventually. Also, the vis process
did not finish entirely, so it may lag a bit . . . but it would lag anyway,
being so large, so I don't know how much of that is due to the shorter
compile . . .

A few people online helped me keeping Radiant running so I could finish
this. These were mostly people on the GamingForums. Don't remember who they
were, but thanks.